Spontaneity In Photography Wedding

Time-old tradition has wedding photo albums full of the still poses for each and every activity surrounding the beautiful wedding day. But unknown to many, posing for a photo especially on one’s wedding day can feel quite unnatural. Sometimes, things become more beautiful when they are left to unfold on their own. This is how spontaneity in photography wedding works, at least for me.

Try asking the groom about how he feels like every time he is prodded by the photographer to “smile,” no matter how discreetly this is done. You can tell the groom is not particularly enjoying this about as much as he likes going to the dentist.

So how do we take some of the teeth out of the process? In photography wedding as much as it is portrait photography, there are ways to relax the subject so the smile you get is the one he really wants to give you.

Photography wedding is in fact the optimum for spontaneity! With all the rich emotions that just naturally outpour during this day more than any other day in two people’s lives, weddings are in fact a feast day for the photographer.

It is when the occasion has subjects naturally talking about things beautiful, it is when subjects naturally look and feel beautiful that photographers have the optimum chance to take beautiful photos. For the couples, the sparkle in their expression and gleam in their eyes is absolute gold to the photographer.

So while it is part of photography wedding to document the events through the pictures, remember this can be done exactly as they happen, without the photographer disrupting the flow of things just so he can have time to shoot the photo. If he is good, then he will be physically invisible. His only visibility will reflect on the photos that come out.

Have fun and let the good times—and the good photography wedding—roll!

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