Some pictures taken few months back with dummy camera! We brought Andrew & Clarice to Bishan for their supposedly virgin prawning session, and we met Jack the pro there! Jack has been prawning so often until he now has his own professional prawning rod, a big container of his wormy bait, he hooks up prawns effortlessly within short span of few minutes, he knows almost all the crews there by name, he gives away his netful of catch to other prawners cos he ate too much prawn until scared already. Hahahahaha!!



Jack's earthworm feed

That’s Jack’s container of wormy worms. They’re pretty disgusting to me. Long reddish color, some fat some skinny. You need to use the small cutting blade to slice them into shorter lengths so that you can use the hook to poke it.


Bloody earthworm

Oooooh, so painful! It’s bleeding!! O_O”


Hairy worms

Some were dark red in color.


Earthworm bait

That’s Andrew trying to hook the worm. So scary! The little side dish is actually filled with Chicken liver. The prawns love all things smelly!



So focused!



Jack and the in house rod. His current pro rod is foldable for easy keeping! And i think he keeps it inside his car 24/7, anytime ready for prawning.


Jack and Raymond Phang


Prawn with pincer

Prawn with pincer!


Andrew and Clarice

Andrew’s catch!! Nice big one! 😀


Prawn with roes

Disgusting roes. Eeeew! When you BBQ them, the roe turns black color. Some remains yellow/orange. Weird.


Bucket of prawns

We soaked the prawns in bucket of salt water. It’s like adding salt to their wound. *Ouch*!!


skewed prawns

Then we skew them alive. 🙁


BBQ Prawns

Put them on the BBQ pit to cook! Sprinkle some more salt, and sometimes a few of them will still struggle. Can see their tail flapping furiously, trying to swim away from the heat!


big and small prawns

The differences in size.


Raymond phang with prawns



baby prawn

This one is pretty. But very poor thing.


That’s all from my dummy camera! More updates to come from Raymond’s side! Enjoy the weekend! 😀


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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