Learn How A Singapore Professional Photographer Works

To be known as a Singapore professional photographer rather than an amateur or a hobbyist, the criteria is that you must be making your living from the trade, or at least more than 50% of your monthly income must be from the sale of your photographs. If you are a weekend professional, you are still considered an amateur photographer. If you are a photography enthusiast but do not earn from your picture taking activities, then you are what is called a hobbyist.
If you are not a photographer at all but are in need of one, then hire someone who is considered a pro. Are you looking for a commercial photographer? A wedding photographer? There are many categories and subcategories in photography; some not yet defined. If you find a photographer that focuses on commercial photography, you still have to determine what subcategory he belongs to.

Categories Of A Commercial Singapore Professional Photographer

To start off, there is the food photographer if you are looking to design a menu or packaging, or perhaps to advertise your restaurant in a magazine or billboard or through posters and flyers with the use of food pictures. There is also architectural photography and aerial photography if you need specialized real estate shots.
Then there is the corporate photographer who handles all photography needs of a corporation, from group shots of the corporate team to pictures for a corporate brochure or visuals in a business report.  While fashion photography deals with the fashion industry and the use of models for product advertisements in magazines and such.

Singapore Professional Photographer: Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers, on the other hand, belong to that branch of photography that includes portrait photography. As opposed to commercial photography, these pictures normally do not see print for public consumption. Instead, they are kept in private albums and shared among family and friends. Nevertheless, the bulk of clients in wedding photography make it a profitable branch of professional photography.
Subcategories in wedding photography include pre-wedding photography, actual day photography, and bridal photography. The Singapore professional photographer that focuses on weddings is usually proficient in studio portrait shots and nowadays fashion bridal shots as well.

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