Heaps of backlogs to clear, and Raymond has turned in for the night cos he has a wedding shoot tomorrow! Koh and Ting Yin actually signed up with us very long time ago, and I can’t believe how time flies! Their big big day is going to happen in few hours’ time. I think they must be pretty excited like me! πŸ˜€


A few pictures from my dummy camera to share! All these are taken in March few days after we met up with Andrew and Clarice for dinner! Β The very sweet couple took us out for dinner at Peramakan, which I thought was quite an interesting name! The restaurant serves Peranakan food, and it was both Raymond and my first time having a Peranakan meal! Very interesting dishes they have, especially the weird weird nut!! Argh! Should have brought a camera along and snap pictures of the food! There’s this weird nut where you have to dig the insides and eat. Nevermind, I’ll ask Raymond to visit that place again for dinner and snap pictures next time! πŸ™


The food were all very nice, and there’s free flow of rice for people who love carbohydrates, like Raymond! I pretty like the prawns cos it’s very springy and the sauce they used to cook the prawn did a wonderful job in stimulating my taste buds! It’s a little spicy, but still very acceptable for people like me who doesnt take spicy food. I wanted to eat more, but I was shy. πŸ˜› The chendol was super sinful, probably filled with lots of gula melaka and coconut milk! There’s even weird desserts like durian chendol. WhatΒ a lethal combi! I’ll make sure Raymond order 5 portion and finish all 5 if we decide to head there for dinner! Hiak hiak hiak.


Here’s a picture of Gaymond Raymond with the diabetic Thank You card from Andrew and Clarice!! The couple specially wrote us some lovey dovey notes inside the card, and we decide to display it at our new place when it’s ready! πŸ™‚

Raymond Phang


Andrew & Clarice's Thank you card


Raymond Phang


Raymond Phang

Present for Raymond! When we finished the meal at Peramakan, the couple flashed a biiiiig paperbag and placed it on the table for us! Both Raymond and I were super shocked and surprised!! They shouldn’t get us anything at all!! We find it hard to accept gifts cos we’re so not used to it!Β I think we spent quite some time on the “tug of war”, and the couple won. Thanks for the thoughtful gifts!! We really love it very much! πŸ˜€



Since Raymond was driving, I helped him tore open his pressie!!


Braun Buffel Wallet



Braun Buffel Wrapper


Braun Buffel


Braun Buffel box


Braun Buffel Wallet Interior

Many compartments to put card! Just what Raymond needs! But he can’t bear to use it even when his current wallet is almost torn and tattered already. Let’s see what he’s gonna do when his notes and cards start disappearing from his current wallet. πŸ˜›


Takashimaya wrapper

My pressie!!


Angeline unwrap

Driving also can snap picture! So dangerous!


Takashimaya gift box



Spastic face.



It’s a bag!!


Hedgren casual bag

I love bags! And shoes! And clothes! And a lot of other things too! Muwahahahaha!



I’ve already started using it cos it’s so compact and has a whole lot of compartments inside!Β πŸ˜€


Hedgren bag interior

See!!! πŸ˜€


Thank you card

And here’s the Thank you card!!


Andrew & Clarice thank you card

A whole lot of lovey dovey messages,Β but it’s for our eyes only. Hehehe. πŸ˜›


Okie I gotta go already!! I’ll share on Prawning tomorrow! Nights! πŸ™‚


Lots of β™₯,


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