Yay it’s Singapore’s 50th Birthday today!!

How are you guys celebrating?? I’m clearing some final emails, packing stuffs, and hopefully have some time to catch the National Day Parade on TV!

Raymond is out at Grand Hyatt for an actual day wedding photoshoot. The couple didn’t engage any videographer, so it’s just Raymond shooting and AL assisting.

Every major occasion such as CNY, Raymond will become my personal hair dresser and help me cut hair/dye hair. There was once he even helped me rebond my hair! We’ll usually buy the Liese hair dye cos it’s so convenient to use. You just mix everything into a bottle and when you squeeze out the liquid, it’s foam so it doesn’t drip all over the place. The smell of the chemical ain’t too overpowering too cos some DIY hair dyes smell so bad it stings the eye. The Liese one is ok. Color doesn’t stay as long though maybe cos I didn’t use any hair color protection shampoo. 😀



Here’s my personal hair dresser in action. Don’t play play, do everything also must have dedication and must focus. Look at his face! So serious!   IMG_6119 And then once he’s done, he’ll usually make it into funny look shapes for me. Like this time he made my hair stand. -_-”   IMG_6143  


This time he didn’t dye my hair cos of CNY, but because it’s one of our friend’s wedding and I was the jiemei while he was the xiongdi! Heh heh heh heh. It’s a “geisha” theme for the jiemeis hence the white powder on the face. Not easy slapping my face with white powder cos it just wouldn’t stay!! It’s supposed to be a “geisha” gone wrong anyway, so ok lah. Hahahahaha!



Should have done the Queen Amidala’s super tiny red spot for the lipsticks but I thought since my lips are so thick it’ll look funny if I color it all in red. End up not funny at all leh. Look so normal.    IMG_6140


My Partner in Crime!




Ok next time can consider make up like this and go out. HAHAHAHA! Not THAT scary mah…… and I think this is more effective in covering all the ugly spots/pigments/pimples/scars and what not. Best concealer and foundation in the world. And makes one person look so fair like snow white. -_-”

Alrighty! Gotta go continue the rest of my work already!

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Enjoy the long weekend! 😀


Busy like a bee,


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