Watah!! Angeline is on a roll! Second proper blog entry!

Last night was horrible, mini boss was being cranky, so Angeline showered the mini boss and tried to put mini boss to bed. After much struggle, mini boss finally slept at around 9ish. Then, big boss returned at night at 11ish and decided to test the Bowens. Who knows, he woke mini boss up… … … … So, mini boss decided it’s fun to fight sleep again, cried cried cried the whole place down. Big boss had no choice but to put mini boss in his trusty manduca baby carrier, and baby wear her out. He brought the mini boss down to the carpark to circle and look for ants until mini boss finally gave up and closed her eyes, but that was not after 1.5 hours of struggle.

So while the mini boss is taking her afternoon nap now, Angie has some free time to blog!

Today Angeline is sharing the wedding of Ying Ying and Han Hui! One of our couples whom Angeline was closer to with all the chitta chattas on WhatsApp, sometimes on random stuffs. If not for WhatsApp and technology, they’d probably be rearing pigeons and sending letters back and forth, just like Pen Pals. Pen Pal you also don’t know ah? Jialat, we are from different generation. Angeline is oooooold already. Nevermind ~ T_T

Let’s get the ball rolling! Usually on wedding day Raymond will start off at the bride’s place cos there’s simply more stuffs to photograph as compared to the groom’s. Erm the 喜喜 word is not added in digitally but the Raymond Phang Photography word is.

Good morning Pen Pal! Here’s Ying Ying getting dolled up by May from Bridal Affairs.

May is as swift as ever with her hair and make up service, Ying Ying is almost done up already so she had time to play Peekaboo with everyone in the house.

When you spend so much time and money and brain cells over ONE dress, that dress must be something that you really really like (although we do have a minority of brides who shared with us that they wished they got another dress instead). So of course must give some attention to the dress and take nice nice photos.

Love this brilliant framing by Raymond! One photo tells a story – May is doing the final touches, putting on the veil for Ying Ying, the clock tells the time, soft toy on the bed and also the two old portrait of Ying Ying’s parents’ wedding photo… so much storytelling element!

So when Ying Ying was finally done, she even helped the little one get ready.

Ying Ying and Han Hui are not the loud ra ra couple, so they had very minimal gatecrashing (lucky for you Han Hui!). Even for brothers and sisters also very minimal so all these are their treasured friends, almost family.

Proud parents beaming with joy.

And of course, no matter how grown up Ying Ying is, she’ll always be daddy’s baby girl.

Now over to Han Hui.

He’ll be the man to take care of Ying Ying for the rest of their lives. Start off with putting on shoes for Ying Ying. My pen pal shared with me long ago that they were looking at the sneakers with wings, Jeremy Scott style. Eventually she chose this pair, but i guess whatever makes them happy. And sneakers are super comfy to wear too!

Look ma, i can tie my shoelace perfectly.

Sending Ying Ying off to Han Hui’s place. First a hug, then to the car and throw out the red color fan. Goodbye bad stuffs, goodbye bad temper. I didn’t throw any for my own wedding though. Different dialect group practice different customs. But if i had to, i think i need to throw a super giant industrial aircon. Temper’s getting real hot these days… after being a mum. -___-“

Weeeeee!! Raymond’s signature shot of the bridal car in motion! This was taken on the expressway tunnel. I prefer shots taken in the tunnel though, at least there’s not as much distractions in the background, so the shot looks cleaner and sleek.

They managed to set aside some time for mini outdoor fun at the park. Woah, thankfully Ying Ying was wearing sneakers, if not she’ll prolly take 10 minutes to walk 10 metre cos the heel will dig into the sand. She missed out on the chance for a complimentary exfoliating foot scrub though.

A walk to remember. My captions are getting so cheeseballs.  -.-“

Ahhhh… then Raymond decided to try something different! So he took out his lens (this looked like the Canon 85mm f1.2) and did this!

The ever smiley Ying Ying~ For couple first time getting married and don’t have any idea what people usually do, the following photos are some of the customary practices – going back to groom’s place, little boy jump on the bed to bless the couple with lots of babies, groom helping bride to remove the veil etc.

Oh no, Raymond got shot!

Heading back to Ying Ying’s parents’ place, not first without changing into the Kua.

I like this group photo with quirky expression. Uncle and Auntie 配合得真好!给你们一个最佳表情奖!

Moving on the evening part. It’s usually a super busy day for the couple if they have to follow traditional customary practices and if they have auspicious timings to meet. I personally would prefer weddings to be chill pill, no rush, couple have the time to mingle with all the guests etc.

Wah, uncle looking sharp!

Yay, Ying Ying is done!

We have Han Hui’s turn getting dolled up! Guys don’t have to sit on the chair and have their butts marinated for 1.5 – 2 hours just to get their hair done. Chop chop at most 15 – 30 minutes tops? Yet they complain us of our giant flappy cake butt and gawk at pictures of Kim Kardashian or other women with butts after doing a million squats. -____-”

Moving on to the solemnisation part, papa beaming with joy!

Wah, looking so happy to give his daughter away to Han Hui!

Let’s exchange the vows and rings.

Some couples light the unity candle, some pour the sand, for them they went with the Cord of Three Strands ceremony. It smbolizes the joining of one man and one woman by God into a marriage relationship. “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” Ecclesiastes 4:12.

Where’s the couple??

If you like something red and oriental, Grand Shanghai is one of the places to take into consideration. Here’s how the inside looks like, and the rectangular brown frame with purple lights inside would be the stage.

Some of the detail shots.

Ta-Dah! Stage and the musicians.

Ying Ying mingling around with the guests before the start of the dinner.

More mingling shots and I think Ying Ying chitta chatta with everyone until thirsty already. So Raymond caught her taking a quick sip of water.

Deep in thoughts. 认真的女人也是美的。<3

Alrighty, getting ready for the march in!

Papa looking so proud! Grand Shanghai doesn’t have a straight on march in aisle, so you have to go by the sides.

Papa once again beaming with joy at his son-in-law, happily entrusted Ying Ying’s lifetime happiness in his hands.

So earlier on he was helping Ying Ying with the shoes, now he’s doing his best to feed Ying Ying with lots of food until she become 白白胖胖 。

Selfie to check and see whether got veggie stuck between the teeth anot.

Live music entertainment was provided throughout the dinner.

Another view of the Grand Shanghai.

Candid pictures time! Raymond LOVES candid! So he’ll camp and fish for as much candids as possible. So happy to see all the guests enjoying themselves. (:

Even the kids too! Though it’s the iPad that kept them entertained.

Ooooo, not forgetting the wedding bands!

Second march in time! This time round Han Hui took the lead and walked in together with Ying Ying~

Champagne popping time! Hehehehehe~

Some games~


And the guests’ reaction.


Somewhere at a quiet corner, Raymond spotted this. Such a precious shot and a precious moment.

Oh and this too~ Kids grow up way too fast. Cherish the time you have with them now.


Wah look at this piece of fatty meat OMG. Ying Ying couldn’t resist and had to sneak a bite! Couples usually very poor thing on the wedding day cos they don’t have time to eat. Only first two dishes perhaps, then they have to rush up to change, mingle, march in, cut cake pop champagne yum seng, speeches, table shots/mingling and bye bye already.

Hello Jasper Hello Glenda! Raymond shot their wedding too! 😀

And here’s the send off part. Uncle was really really happy that night.

So was Han Hui and everybody else. No after party, no forcing of alcohol down someone’s throat. Everyone was rubbing their tummy satisfied with the food, and busy applying anti wrinkle cream cos they mingled and laughed too much.

This the kind of wedding we enjoy photographing. <3

Till the next time!

0.5KG Lighter,


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