Hmm… Today I found out about something which i find it a little amusing. A friend of mine directed me to this particular website and asked me if “Raymond Phang” who left a comment there is the botak Raymond Phang all of us know, or some random Rudey (Rude) Raymond Phang.


I find it kind of amusing, because it’s either this Raymond Phang in the forum is also a photographer himself, or someone else is using our very own Raymond Phang’s name to post the message. A case of jealousy (Wah, so flattered!)? Or a case of mistaken identity?


One thing about Raymond and I is, we are really very lazy people, and we don’t do things that inconvenience us. For cases like this, we usually read the article, discuss among ourselves, eat a bag of chips and then go to sleep. Sometimes we don’t even bother to read them! Hahaha. We try to stay out of trouble, and keep our noses in our own business. Hmm… I’m rather keen to know where to find the $150 photographer though. To my knowledge, the lowest rate in the market should be at least a $400 and above.


Oh well… for our dear readers who are interested to visit the forum, or to read the comment left by some rudey “Raymond Phang”, here’s the link!


Maybe we should change our name to something else… like erm… Phang Pui or Phang Sai Photography. HAHAHAHA! So crude! =X


We’re thinking whether to inform the Moderator about it, or to leave it as it is cos couples might think it was us who posted that reply. But you know, sometimes by interferring, it will only make matters worse. So I’ll be monitoring the forum closely, and most probably act when it’s time. Create more problems for me only. *shakes head*


More pictures on the Aussie Trip! Today I shall share something about what we explored and discovered at the Nobbies Centre.


When we reached the place, the sky was so blue, the sun was so strong, and this poster looked so welcoming to me. I was expecting to be greeted by dozens of seal at the Seaside, or hoping to see some cutesy stuffs.


Alright, I did saw a cutesy little creature. It’s a baby bird. But when these birds grow up, they are not cute anymore.


See how fierce it is!


Se-Diiiii-ah! Muwahahaha!


The entire hill was filled with a gigazillion of them! They were making a lot of noise, communicating with each other in their own language. I wonder if there’s any school that teaches human to speak animal language. Why must human learn human language? Hmm…


Fight fight!


Look at the mummy/daddy’s killer eyes. The little one have cute eyes though. They’re quite furry and they looked like they’ve just gotten up from bed with the messy fur. Hahaha. And if you noticed, every parent only has 2 little chicks. So strange, but interesting!


Maybe you think they are harmless, but some of them tried to bully me when I was innocently snapping family portraits for them! So hard to get them all into the picture. They’re all constantly flying around, and refused to take order.


SEE!! This one was trying to scare me! I got scared by another one on the way up, and so I had to put my little pink hood on. Sigh…


Gonna land soon.


The Deadly Backside. Beware! Cos they will drop their white deadly bombs mercilessly all over the place, anytime, anywhere!


This is a real cunning character! When I got sooo close to it, I realised that it only has a leg. So I started to pity it, and speculate what might have happened to it. Maybe some other evil ones bit his leg off during a fight or something. But guess what, it started to fly off, and land on the grass patch, walking around with 2 legs!! Urgh! Kena cheated! 🙁


Dead one. The poor little chick was standing beside (not in picture), and never left the body when I stood there observing for quite some time. 🙁


More killer eyes.


Even their tongue looked so evil! I think if they can speak the human language, they will be the most powerful debator on Earth. Cos they’ve got pretty sharp tongue! Hahaha!


Doing morning exercise, stretching the neck.


Another dead one. This one is an almost grown up chick. The head got bitten off, and it was starting to decompose already. So sad! There are snakes everywhere, so it’s quite dangerous for them.


Fuwah! Watch this birdie perform the Matrix Stunt!


This one is a Triple X stunt! Or maybe a Shadowless Kick!


Awww… Finally some loving ones.


Fly together…


So sweet. 😀


Not sweet. =_=”


Raymond spent quite a long time outdoors with the birdies, capturing the above birdie images. He even risked his life by provoking the birds so that they’ll come attack him, and then he can document them in action. Crazy boy lor. But I only selected a few to share, because I’ve got truckloads more of other stuffs to share! So excited! Hehe. 🙂


I guess he must have offended a lot of the birdies, which was why when we went to watch the Penguin Parade show, one of the birdie dropped him a little gift so personalised – a splat of poo! Muwahahahahaha! I was safeeeee, and once again got off scott free. Yay!


Lesson to learn – Make good friends. Lots & lots of good friends.




Good night!



Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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