Oh wow wow wow, was looking through Raymond’s past wedding work from the days where he first started and found this image!

Guess when was this taken… Year 2007!! Almost 8 years ago! Wow…


And looks like someone has been practicing! Look at the framing, she’s right smack in the center! And that’s like a super old Sony camera. Maybe 2 megapixels or something?

Just look at how much technology and photography trend has evolved over the years. Now selfie is everything. People take selfie using their phone, there’s even selfie sticks with cable connection or bluetooth connection. Cameras have built-in filter, and even some compact cameras designed especially with practical functions for taking and editing selfies!

At this rate, who will need a photographer in future. Booohoohooooo!!!! We’re gonna be classified as extinct species soon!

Will you guys still love us tomorrow? *sob*

Crying in a corner,

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