The Most Retro themed wedding we have ever attended since the days of our uncles’/aunties’ wedding!! It’s a Singapore 60s-70s theme!!

Dominic and Chloe held their wedding at Aloha Changi Fairy Point, they had an old school stage set up complete with the old school cream wedding cake!! I remember the cake was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good I swear I have eaten like one tier of it on my own!!!!!! The modern cakes nowadays can never fight with this one.

Lots of lightbulbs, dinner was just behind the empty greens of the chalet, totally alfresco and no Plan B for wet weather. The old school round tables with pink table cloth sheet, red color kopitiam style plastic chairs, wedding favour was the old school face powder cake in a square box and some “hua lu shui” old school cologne which my grandmother used! They even got some old school restaurant vendors to do the cooking which was delicious, and instead of the atas napkin, the old school Strawberry brand cologne facial towel was provided.

Everyone of us had an awesome great time! No fancy march ins, no fancy gowns and all. Everything was very unplugged, all the guests didn’t even have the need to take out their phones to play games and stuffs. People were just talking and interacting with each other at the table they were seated at, and even us despite being seated on a table with people whom we have only met for the first time that night!

One of the most memorable wedding we have ever attended!!

Thank you for having ussssss!!! 😀





Lots of Love,
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