How To Preserve Your Wedding Photographs

Weddings are among the most awaited events in people’s lives. This marks a new beginning for the couple as husband and wife. Thus, it is vital to make it a point that every memory during that special day must be captured and kept for a lifetime. And it is done through the pictures taken. However, it is a given fact that paper and ink do not really last forever. Nonetheless, you can still be able to lengthen the life of your photographs by following these simple steps.

Steps In Preserving Your Wedding Photographs

With the updated technology, the first step that can really preserve your photos is by keeping scanned copies of each. You can do this by scanning the pictures yourself. Or you can also ask the photographer to provide you with a digital copy of all the photos taken during the wedding.

The second step is to handle the photographs with extreme care. You can do this by following three basic rules. One, wear white cotton gloves before holding the photos. Two, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Three, don’t put any type of lotion or oil on your hands before holding the pictures. The three rules are vital in lengthening the life of your printed photos by protecting them from the natural body oil that can be transferred from your hands to the photo paper that can ignite a chemical reaction.

Third, choose the right storage location. Remember that high temperatures can increase the speed of deterioration by stimulating the chemical processes between the ink and the paper. Also, keep the photos away from places with high humidity because it is an environment which is very conducive for mold and mildew to proliferate.

The Ease Of Preserving Wedding Photographs

As you can see, there is no need to spend a fortune just to prolong the life of your photographs. All you need is discipline and a little help from technology.

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