What Couples Can Expect In A Wedding Photography Package

Getting married is more than just saying “I Do” in front of a minister or an authorized official. Before the bride’s anticipated walk down the aisle, there are numerous preparations couples go through first. In photography, the bride and groom need to undergo several photo shoots even before the wedding, depending on the wedding photography package they choose.

Some couples only need the services of the photographer during their big day. There are also those who go all the way and choose every service available in a wedding photography package. The photographer usually already has ready-made packages available for couples to choose from, although they can also customize a deal for soon-to-be married pairs who ask for it.

What Is Normally Offered In A Wedding Photography Package

Photography services vary depending on the package the bride and groom selected. Couples usually choose the ceremony and reception photo shoots as those are the most important in a wedding. Others also add video shoot sessions to go along with the photo shoots, while there are those who even want a same-day AVP or audio-video presentation, which is the collage of photos and videos shown during the reception and which the photographer and the videographer took the same day.

Photo shoots differ depending on the pre-arranged packages the photographer has or what he and the couple have discussed together. The couple can opt for engagement and bridal portraits added to the package as well. Both sides usually discuss the number of shots the photographer will take versus the number of prints included, the size and quantity of albums the couple will receive, and the portrait frames for the main wedding photo.

A typical wedding photography package also includes discussion on whether the couples have the right to reprint the photos or the photographer has the exclusive right to reprint the pictures for an additional fee. The time duration of the photo shoots plus the distance of the venue or venues, if the couples want multiple locations, are also discussed.

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