Good-Humored Wedding Photos: A Style That Works For Raymond Phang Photography

Every photographer has a specific approach to capturing wedding photos. That is why here at Raymond Phang Photography, we don’t presume that our style is the only way to photograph a momentous ceremony like wedding. But nonetheless, we have developed a method that makes our approach to wedding photography noticeable.

The Type Of Wedding Photos Raymond Phang Photography Strives To Achieve

Essentially, we strive for a contemporary look. Hence, our photographs are playful and humor-filled and even wacky. They are far from rigid or too formal poses common to traditional photography styles. We use bold colors and fashion-inspired poses and a pocketful of light to turn every wedding photograph into a two-dimensional work of art.

Being playful however does not necessarily mean our approach is amateurish. Like other wedding photographers, we, too, shoot lean and mean. We work hard; we make use of available light most of the time, and we spend time planning, conceptualizing and turning every idea into an original piece of artwork.

Important Ingredients For A Successful Photography Strategy

Setting goals is an important aspect of making our method work under any given condition. Clear and proactive goals have helped us deliver the wedding photos (in style as agreed upon) irrespective of the circumstances that may arise during the actual event. Being able to consistently deliver what is expected from a wedding photographer is a true mark of a professional.

Two Ways Of Rendering Humor-Filled Wedding Photos

We also use props – whether it is a makeshift backdrop, beautiful scenery, or a building that can provide the kind of setting we want to achieve for a particular client. As much as possible we try to incorporate good humor into the wedding photos we shoot.

We have two ways of incorporating humor into our photographs. The first one is pre-determined while the second one depends on the minute moments worth capturing during the actual ceremony.  True, we rely on scripted photographs, but we make sure that the entire idea is witty.

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