Last week I did a promo on Facebook when Raymond was away in Reservist;


Go reservist also have to go in with style. Carry handbags, dress and hat. Hahaha!! He’ll be in for bout 2 weeks, and I was the King and the Boss! For awhile! 🙂






When the boss is away - 3

So everyone in the office was super happy! Apparently Diablo 3 is out and Torchlight 2 is in! -_-”



When the boss is away - 4

That’s Ben the botak and Lester our new Photographer!



When the boss is away - 5

When Angeline is the Boss, she is free to share all the ridiculously funny pictures of Raymond!



When the boss is away - 7

And then the boss says When i come back I want to see all work done, emails all replied, blog and facebook updated regularly, editing all very detailed got standard, shoot images all nice and impactful, more enquiries coming in, place is squeaky clean. OR ELSE!!!!



When the boss is away - 6

So when Angeline is the boss, she gives 25% off Raymond’s actual day photography package!! Offer is only valid for sign ups until 05 October 2012 before Raymond returns from his reservist!


When the boss is away - 8

Such a good deal, even Lester says be quick. The boss will be back in less than 2 weeks!

Send your emails and enquiries now to amazing [@]!



Lots of Love,

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