It’s the start of the last week for this 25% off Raymond’s actual day package promo!! A full day package with an album at only $2.8k I think that’s pretty pretty attractive! Note that promo ends this Sunday (10 November 2013), and is strictly non extendable okie? For details, email to amazing [@]

For couples who prefer Lester’s or Sulin’s works, their package is only $1600 which is really, really affordable.

Promo - 17

If you have friends who are looking for actual day photographer, spread the love! 😉


Here’s some photos Raymond took on an actual day wedding. Do check out our Facebook or Instagram as well for updates. 🙂

raymond phang actual day photography


raymond phang actual day photography (2)


Recently I haven’t got a lot of time to write stuffs… But as and when we have the time, we’ll try to update the Facebook/Instagram. So to have a peace of mind that we’re still alive and kicking, check us out! 🙂


Cheers! 🙂



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