We met up with Desmond and Jolene last Saturday at Bishan Junction 8’s Coffeebean. Every meet up to us is a real excitement! Because we’ll never know what to expect, or who to expect. Whether they’ll be the shy shy introverted type, or the super friendly and outgoing type… whether they’re really genuinely interested in our works, or just to have a look see look see session… and a whole lot other factors!! ūüôā


Since Raymond and I were early, we decided to grab a quick bite. As usual, I’d do the ordering while Raymond rest his mega butt. I love cakes and pastries, and it’s exciting to try something different everytime.


This time round, I ordered a New York Sausage Dog (forgot the exact name), 1 Praline Cheesecake, and 2 Espirits. I thought the Sausage one would be good, but I didn’t like it. Raymond was okay with it because he said it tasted a little like MacDonald’s Sausage McMuffin’s sausage, which I don’t agree. But the Praline Cheesecake was GOOOOOOD!!!!! Raymond like it too!! *Drools with desire*


Image source: http://www.coffeebean.com.sg/


Wah yummy yummy!! Somehow I grew to appreciate cheesecake… Oreo cheesecake… and Secret Recipe’s Marble Cheesecake is good too!! AHHH!! Hungry already!! Haven’t had any food until now.


Anyway, after settling down with my order, Desmond and Jolene came to our table. Raymond and I were quite surprised how come they know we are the ones whom they’ll be meeting. Turns out that they read our blog before. Haha. And now this wordpress blog has become my blog because Raymond haven’t writen anything here… tsk tsk tsk.


I kinda like Jolene’s eye make up that day. I find it amazing how girls can manage to draw the liner so perfectly. Because personally I dislike painting faces, and I hate the chore of removing them afterwards. Yucks. Sometimes I try to play with the eyeliner and the mascara. There are so many types of eye liner, like the gel type, liquid type, the normal crayon/pencil type. Some will smudge and make us look like ghost after a while, some will last forever until you have to rub the lids vigorously with the remover because they¬†refused to¬†go away.


We chatted a while, and¬†Desmond told¬†us how much his sister likes Raymond’s works. Got impact one. Hahaha!¬†That statement surely made Raymond’s head swell up like¬†the¬†size of¬†the DHL balloon.¬†Some more can float high high up one. Hahaha. But seriously, I think¬†it is¬†really very encouraging for us to know how much people appreciate our effort and our works. Like what Raymond tried to explain, for him it’s not about the money or the glamour, but it is the appreciation and recognition which matters more than anything else to him.


For couples who are really introverts, it is quite a challenge to get them to open up so that we can know more about them. But for couples like Desmond and Jolene, we didn’t have to try at all, which is definitely something good! ūüôā Hmm…¬†Somehow I can’t help but to have a feeling that Jolene’s sisters will step onto Desmond’s brothers’ head during the gate crashing session. Muahahaha! Hope you guys get your flat ready soon. Jade Spring seems to be quite a nice place to live… And I must say you guys are reaaaally lucky to get it!! =D Now this makes me wonder how Jack & Grace are doing… hope they managed to get a flat already!


I remember Desmond asking us these questions; are we a couple? Married? Heh heh heh… Aiya, whenever couple ask us the married question, Raymond will always reply with a “soon lah soon” followed by a “hahaha”




So I told Desmond, wait till I find a suuuper big Bling Bling first, then we’ll get married. Wahahahahaha!! Just kidding hor! =p Actually last year during my birthday I already found a big one already.

I do I do!


We went Altivo at the Jewel Box after our ride on the cable car (it was the first time in my life I took the cable car at SG!), after playing with the snow foams (christmas season, they had some snow show thingy). We even took pictures with fake Santa, but I didn’t quite like it because the Santa wasn’t fat enough. So we had some drinks at Altivo, and I saw this BIIIG bling bling on the table! I like it very much, and so I asked Raymond to get it for me, which he did! At first I was a little sad because when we left the place, I didn’t see him bringing it back. But when I was about to go up to my house, he presented me with the BIIIIG bling bling!! Hahahaha! Fake one, but I like! =D


And to Desmond’s question of “are we a couple”, I thought I’d find something¬†to share that can answer the question.

We went through life and death in the middle of the night by risking our lives to catch deadly fighter cockroaches highly trained in martial arts.

We only have eyes for each other, that’s why¬†we are able to take ultra unglam pictures together in public, because we don’t see anybody else around us.

Triple C Panini from TCC!! Too bad they removed it from their new menu!

We are a match made in heaven because both of us are real gluttons. We get hungry easily throughout the 24 hours, and then we’ll binge on food.

We love each other so much that when one of us grew fatter, the other one will gorge until he/she becomes fat fat too.

We often reward each other with little pecks on the cheeks.

When¬†we have no money to get him a Braun Buffel wallet, he said it’s okay, we can take a picture with the Christmas tree that has the word Braun Buffel. He’s contented. Really.

Like all couples, we have our collection of kissing photos which can cause diabetes because it’s too sweet already. This is one of my personal favourite. Look how “passionate” we are. Got tongue sumore. Raymond totally didn’t expect that at all!!

Most importantly, we stick through thick and thin (with the help of the saliva),¬†and¬†we are happy when we’re together!Awwww…

Muwahahahaha! I guess that pretty much answered Desmond’s question. =D

Alright, I gotta go do work now already. Tons of photos to see. Byebye!


Lots of ‚ô•,


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