As promised, a post on Jack and Grace’s wedding earlier on this year in January!! Phew! Finally managed to upload the photos. For the next entry, I’m gonna share on the day Andrew & Clarice had dinner with us at Peramakan (a fresh dinning experience for Raymond & I), and the surprise they gave us! 😀

For now, let’s enjoy the pictures from Jack and Grace’s actual day wedding! 😀

Actual Day Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Bridal Photography

Grace’s wedding gown has a suuuuper duper long train! I wonder how did she manage to survive through her wedding day! O_O”!

Singapore Photographers

Pretty Grace! She’s an Air Stewardess with Singapore International Airline (SIA), and she flew with Misako before! Misako is one of our wedding couple, and she’s really well loved by kids. A natural kid magnet. Hehehe. But she’s a real nice lady.  Grace is a nice lady too! I think she’s really meticulous and observant. She noticed that I bought Chrysanthemum tea during our first prawning session, and during our next prawning session, she actually bought Chrysanthemum tea for us! 🙂

Bridal Photography

Here comes the “Black Society”.

This is Jack! He’s a sales manager with SG Vehicles Trading. Buy car can call him, sell car can call him, anything to do with 4 wheels and an engine, call him. Muwahahaha. That’s what he posted on his Facebook!

I secretly think this guy is charming… (*.*) …Ok, now it’s not a secret.

Bridal Photography

Drinking some potent yucky liquid! One of the “cannot miss” items during the gatecrashing session. Eeeeeew!

So poor thing right?


Singapore Photographers



Singapore Photographers

Innocent looking piece of erm… Jelly?

Bridal Photography

EEEEWWWW! Muwahahahaha!

Ok, now the brother have a taste of it.

Cannot make it. Muwahahahaha!

I like all of Raymond’s car shot. 😀

Some couple eat the eggs, some eat glutinous rice ball, some eat mee suah, some eat everything, some poke only cannot eat, some must eat finish, some can only eat half. =_=”

Interesting picture.

Was Jack tickling Grace to make her smile for photos??

Singapore Photographers

I can still remember something Jack told us when we returned from Australia last November for catching up session. We went to look for him at his workplace to pass him some stuff, and we had duck rice for lunch somewhere nearby. It was pouring cats and dogs. Halfway through our lunch, an old folk approached us to sell us tissues. Three packet for a dollar. Without any question, Jack quickly reached for his pocket and bought the tissues. Then he told us, if it was the old him in the past, he wouldn’t even have thought of doing that. But being with Grace taught him otherwise, and she changed him for the better. Grace is a person with a kind heart. Awwww… so sweet right!!! 🙂

At that moment, it totally changed my impression of Grace. Because when we first met up, Jack and Grace were “nursing” some hangover from partying, and she was like dressed up and ready to “kill” anytime. So I thought hmm… must be Ah lian.. Hahaha! =X

But after getting to know her better, she’s really someone worth befriending. 🙂

Bridal Photography

Snuff snuff!! Snuff snuff looked so happy in the picture!

Wedding Photography

Bridal Photography

This is the short short dress for their solemnisation.

The short one makes her look like a ballerina princess.

Their wedding is held at Mandarin Oriental.

Bride gotta be mysterious…

So intimidated to be surrounded by a group of giants!

Very interesting.

Now for the very very long train!

So long!!

Change to black cheongsam.

So chinese! 🙂

Hahaha! This kid is really cute!

Yum Seng!

And more yum sengs!

He really gave his all.

The must have yucky drink for the groom.

Fuwah! Such a big glass of it! Like me, he must be wondering what went into the concoction.

Wedding Photography

Take a sip to find out.

Bleahh… Horrible…

Wedding Photography

Interesting character!

I still think he is… charming… *blush*…

Jack kissing his daddy!

Wedding Photography

And he carried his emcee of the event without even remembering doing such a thing until he saw the wedding pictures! O_O”! Must be drunk already. Hahahaha!

That’s Jack and Grace and Raymond Phang. 😀

Lots of ♥,


Wedding Photography

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