Hello everyone!

We have been so busy until sometimes we almost forgot how to eat. I think my English is getting weaker by the day! No time to do some reading… the only reading I manage to do would be the Facebook status updates from friends when I am having my toilet time. Sad to see almost 95% of the content are complains about life (especially of our gahmen and its policies)….

Anyway, I am not too sure whether have we properly introduced this new potato who has been with us officially since 1 October 2012. His name is Lester Koh – a sweetie pie cum auntie killer cum photographer. Your folks and relatives will looooooove him to bits!

For couples who haven’t heard of Raymond Phang Photography before, Raymond Phang is not the only photographer we have here. We have Lester too! 🙂

To view some of Lester’s works, please feel free to check out his album New Beginnings – by Lester Koh on our Facebook Page. Feel free to email any enquiries you might have for Lester to his email address at startfish @ raymondphang.com. Don’t worry, he won’t bite, and you can ask him any questions you can think of under the sky… like what’s the name of the star stitting from the extreme left of the sky… or questions like what’s the name of the uncle driving bus number 71 on 1 January 2010 at approximately 12pm. Lester has all the patience in the world to help you with any queries. Of course if possible try to ask less of these, and perhaps more of the photography related ones. Hehehe. :p


That aside, Raymond Phang Photography now offers really attractive combo packages which includes VIDEOGRAPHY / CINEMATOGRAPHY!! Yes yes yes, we heard you.


So don’t wait anymore, and email us to enquire! Bet you’ll love what we have in store for you. 😉



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