Aloha aloha!! 😀

We had a super awesome conceptualised pre-wedding shoot on 22 January for Junhao and Janet’s session. The couple was even much more committed than we expected, and they really went above and beyond in terms of the preparation for the photoshoot. If you see the list of items we requested for them to prepare for the shoot, you might be turned off, but the couple was not deterred at all and did their best to have everything prepared for the shoot.

To be honest, I was really very worried before the photoshoot. Worried that they might have left out on some props, worried that the shoot will not go well. But thank God the shoot was a breeze! Susu even had the opportunity to put on the Cookie Monster mascot costume cos one of our concept involved the Cookie Monster. Teeheehee. For photo of the Cookie Monster, check out our Facebook or our Instagram. Oh we have also updated the Instagram with a good mix of pre-wedding and actual day photos not shared on our Facebook. So do check out all the different social media platforms ya? 😀

And this time round, we had the honor to have Lesley Kentaro David from Mosaic Studios to help us document parts of the Behind the Scene. In fact Raymond wanted to have some Behind the Scenes captured for a very long time cos we always have couples or their friends commenting things like “aiya, photoshopped one lah!”, “chey, looks fake”, “don’t think they really set the fire lah”, and baa baa black sheep have you any wool.

So with this behind the scene video footage, we can stuff a disc into the mouths of those who passed off those comments. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok that’s really scary, but if you are in our shoes or our couple’s shoes who spent so much time and blood and sweat preparing for the shoot, you’ll feel the same way as us too.

Anyway, here’s another shot of us monkeys setting up for Veiverne and Debbie’s conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot of the beer spray in front of the Good Beer Company stall located within Chinatown;

Raymond Phang Photography Behind the scene for Conceptualised Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

A lot of beer was sacrificed in the making, but they died a glorious death. Hahahaha!! Lighting was a little tricky, and the styling for the shoot took us a bit of time cos we had to make sure the entire table and frame was filled up nicely with beer and food. Else if it’s too empty, it won’t look good on photos. Not exactly easy to achieve the beer spray effect as well, but thankfully we had the help of the couple’s friends and also stall owner Daniel Goh for his expert advice!

For those who haven’t seen the end photo, do check out our Raymond Phang Photography Facebook Page. The end photo can be found HERE.

That aside, for couples who are interested in an express photo montage slideshow for your wedding day, we also do provide the service. However a minimum of 5 to 6 consecutive hours is strictly required so that we have sufficient time to work on the editing. Check out a sample of our express photo montage slideshow/higlights here at our Raymond Phang Photography Youtube or Vimeo.

Any questions or enquiry, feel free to drop us an email to contactme @, or send us a whatsapp at +65 8138 3397.

Alrighty, you guys have a fruitful weekend!! 😀


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