Good morning world! Here’s a short update on our Australia trip. Raymond didn’t get to take a lot of pretty pictures cos the main focus of the trip was to relax, and the most important reason was for his parents. So he spent most of his shutter count on family pictures instead, while I tried to grab as much snapshots of the surroundings as I could with my dummy camera. I’m so gonna change it when the one that i’m eyeing on drop the price drastically. LOL!


This was taken when we were already back in Singapore. Such a big koala bear, and we had a hard time finding it! Cost us quite a sum of money, but it’s not for ourselves. It’s for Candy, and we’re real glad that she likes it. =D


The koala is soooo fat that I cannot even hug it properly! I have 2 tiny koalas at home though… But they’re like 10 years old already! One is a beanie, and the other one holds a piece of mulberry leaf. When you press the leaf, the sweet little “Waltzing Matilda” tune will start to play. I tried it last night, and I’m surprised that it still works! =D


On the way back to Singapore already. It’s at the airport in Melbourne.


Alright, here’s a picture before flying to Aussie! At Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.


Boarded the plane, and saw something nice on the little booklet!


Such a pretty bag! So many compartments, but look at the price! *Faints*


Along the way, some tiny flakes came by and said hi. I haven’t seen snow in real life yet, but Raymond said all the snowflakes are different. So cool!


Look at the fluffy clouds! It’s like so comfy…


Our breakfast. Airplane food rocks!! =D


That’s us with dummy camera.


Once we arrived, we collected our car at Hertz and Budget. 2 Aurions for us, but ours is a Aurion Presara with the moon/sky roof and HID lights and a cool lots of other things to play! The GPS rocks cos it’s so precise that when Raymond steered his wheel a little, it’ll be reflected on the GPS screen right away! Love it! And best of all, even when we’re at the underground tunnel, the GPS still works fine!


We rushed off to Coles supermart to grab some food and water, and also stuffs to cook at the motel. His mum brought 2 cooking pots along. *smacks forehead*.  I think our chocolate coin will lose color if we compare it with this one! Hahaha!


Ooo… Checking out some underwear?


That’s Raymond with the pink hat! He wore it throughout the trip! Wahahaha! I wished!


Eeeew. That’s so R-rated.


Biiiig packet of chips!


Arrrgh, we’re going crazy with so much things to buy!


The  packaging of the chocolates are all so pretty! I could not resist taking a picture, and I didn’t buy any chocolates from there. So expensive.


Yah, the grumpy sad face… No chocs!


That’s his brother in law! Caught in the act!


We bought truckloads of mineral water, and we drank like camel everyday. Scary.


The first moo we saw!


Arrived at our motel. And because we didn’t pre book any hotel/motel, we had to drive around and enquire for available vacancies.


This Coachman motel is quite comfy and nice! We only managed to grab 2 rooms, but there’s 3 couples. 1 of the room is like a mini apartment where there’s a big bed in the living room, and a small room with 2 single beds. We shared the apartment with his sis and brother in law, and we took the small room.


Interesting letterboxes.


This is the small room.


Raymond checking out the informative brochures of Phillip Island – the place where we went on our first day.


Cutsey carrots! Bugs bunny will love them! We went for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant, and the owner happened to be a Singaporean! Chinese food is really expensive there, but we have no choice cos the folks need chinese cuisine. So everyday we have to look for Chinese eateries for them.


Coles supermart after dinner. We kept making trips to Coles, and we’ll hunt for Coles whenever we can, no matter where we went to.


Cowes Jetty.


It was really cold! A quick night stroll around the area, and then we went back to have a good rest.


So moody~


Say cheese!


Okay! Cheese!


Good night Jetty!


Went to the Jetty area again the next morning. Everytime we went there, surely you can see a birdie standing on top of the board.


Our big brekkie! Sinful! Raymond and I each put on 5Kg of weight!


Off to travel on the road again, to the Nobbies Centre!


Snapping pretty lit’ flower.



While Raymond went busying with his parents.


When he’s done, he’ll come over and disturb me. =_=”


Wasted. I should have composed properly. But my mission was to be a snapman, so I simply snapped without thinking.



I snapped again…


And here comes the trouble maker! =_=”


A whole lots of flies swarming around us, and they conveniently glued themselves to our shirts. Luckily I was unattractive to them, and that spared me of the agony. Muwahahaha! Eeeee, all 5 of them attract flies.

Alright, shall continue on the Nobbies Centre soon! Truckloads more to come, with pictures from the Giant Earthworm, Ashcombe Maze, Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles, Lighthouse, and a super duper funny picture of Raymond which I’m going to share at the end of all the photos. It’s really funny! Hahahaha! Gotta start work already. Till next time! 😀


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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