Previously when we posted the Singapore Merlion conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot, we have also received a number of inquiries asking how did we do it. Well, here’s some behind the scene photographs. (:


When we first reached the location, the sky was blue and the background buildings were still lit up. But we had to wait for Daniel and Weng Si who were late cos Weng Si’s hair and make up took quite some time. So when they got here, the sky was no longer blue, the lights of the background buildings were already switched off. Luckily Raymond took a base layer of the blue sky first while we waited for the couple to arrive.


Conceptualised Pre-Wedding Photoshoot by Raymond Phang Singapore 1


Daniel came over first while Weng Si was still finishing up on her hair and make up. It was only when Daniel came with the props that we could carry out our experimentation with the umbrella and water.


Prior to that Raymond has already found his spot for the photoshoot, so with the lightings set up, we rehearsed the water splashing to simulate the Merlion raining me/the couple. I had to stand at the ideal spot while Lester was in charge of throwing the water on my brolly. Was quite a challenge because when the water was splashed onto my umbrella, I felt the weight pulling the brolly down and it was a difficult to hold onto the umbrella.


Furthermore this was just me alone under the umbrella and I already got wet. Imagine the actual shot where we had to fit two persons under one umbrella. From the bucket of water splash, we improvised to using a motor and water hose. The coverage wasn’t as wide and even as what Raymond wanted, but the splash from bucket was too much. End up we voted for the water hose. Marked the spot where I was standing with a packet of Ribena, and we were good to go.



Conceptualised Pre-Wedding Photoshoot by Raymond Phang Singapore 2


Here’s the final shot. Lester was standing on the chair, splashing the water hose while Weng Si’s mum was holding onto the water pump motor. We removed Lester and Weng Si’s mum in the photo for this final shot, and used the blue sky background which Raymond has shot much earlier in the morning.


Weng Si’s gown got a little wet, and even Daniel’s shoulder/back area got splashed a little. Worse was the brolly was actually leaking a little from the top. Hahaha! Thankfully we didn’t got them too wet from the photoshoot and Raymond achieved what he wanted in this shot. 🙂


By the time you guys are reading this, we should be busy preparing for Part 2 of Janet and Junhao’s conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot. Pray hard that everything will go well with beautiful weather. 😀



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