YAY! We’ll have a chance to play Wii!! Can’t wait for 4 January 09, cos we’ll be trottering down to Guan & Jes’s place for Shabu Shabu! They just bought Wii! Raymond and I were sooo excited that we took an MMS video of ourselves in excitement & decided to send it to them. But who knows, the very first video we took didn’t have sound, so we had to retake another one. Still like the first version best, cos I was too excited till I scream like there’s no tomorrow. Wahahahaha! Gotta bring the beer, the snacks and desserts! Can’t wait to feast man! Just nice, after consecutive days of wedding shoot, we can have a short little break! 😀


Alright, some snips from Daniel and Jennie’s ROM shoot last month.

The sign shows TWEETY! And if you noticed, there’s a Sylvester on top too. I must say, the bride really looks like Tweety bird to me. Cute cute one. Hahaha.



Is it a norm to have studded white heels for wedding? Hmm… Maybe I’ll make Raymond wear something like a rainbow colored polka dots Phua Chu Kang boots for the wedding. HAHAHAHA!






That’s ANGELINE! Not me though.. It’s Jennie’s sister. We share the same name. 🙂








I think this is the  MC’s speech

They went out a very short while for a quick shoot!


Very pretty car! And the other day when we went over to their place to deliver their wedding photos to them, we saw some very nice paintings tucked at one corner of the room! Guess what, they’re all hand painted by Daniel! Wow, you have no idea how amazed I was! I like the arty farty stuffs, be it paintings or photographs or music or sculptures etc. So anyone with such talent will automatically score a super big brownie point in my list of “Ultimate Bestest First Impression.” Daniel, you rock!! 😀


Love the feel of it.


The sisters!



Justice of Peace writing some notes.


Getting ready.



POPPERS!! I’m quite afraid of these. The popping sound is scary. Normally when I receive these in party packs/door gifts, i’ll dig out the glitters/confettis and play with them instead. I won’t pop them. I guess for our march in, maybe I’ll source for super mini and colorful balloons in all shapes, or stars or set off pigeons or something then dance the Bollywood dance. Muwahahah! But nothing beats having snow floating down from the top and having our Mascot Baileys do the Lion Dance ahead of us while we strut our stuff. Hehehehe. 😛


The wedding bands in the bird cage.


I think the bears love me. *Blush*



I think the JP must be a really warm and funny man!












I like the whole set up here!





Let’s hold hands together!


Must love one another, but allow to throw darts at each other’s picture when you are angry, snatch the blanket away or buy three blankets so that you can each have one yet share the extra one…

Er, i’m just making it up! 😛


So cute the cake! It represents Bride and Groom.



Even their Guestbook looks so pretty.



Group photo! One of the lady in green really looks like my Secondary School Band senior, and if I didn’t remember wrongly, that senior’s name is Goh Shuhui, and she plays the Trombone. Hmm…






Love their expression here. 🙂



Poppers + Kids = DANGEROUS!





Jennie and her gang of friends.





The three stalks of “Golden Flower”



LONG LOST BROTHERS! Wahahahaha! Same got botak head one.


That’s all to share for now. Back to photos, and tomorrow is Kuan Wee & Pei Yu’s big day! Can’t wait to see the pictures from tomorrow’s wedding shoot. Hehe. But 31 Dec, whole world will be couting down, so most probably will jam up jialat jialat. Pray for smooth day! Bye! 😀


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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