Hor hor!! I was looking through Pei Yu and Wee’s wedding photos, and I saw something which is very naughty of Wee to do during one of the candid group shots after the dinner banquet! Most of the people were doing innocent rabbit ears, or some showing us how 6 and 5 and 3 looks like with their fingers, and Pei Yu was showing us how the number 12 looks like.

But Wee……. initially he was showing us how the innocent 11 looks. But I guess during the last picture, he couldn’t resist pretending to be goody two shoes anymore! He flashed a number 11, but in the most evil way anyone could ever show. So funny! Hahaha! I wonder whether the rest did noticed him doing that or not. If Raymond were to do that, I’d have collected a dollar from him as a fine! And the money goes to our “Housing Fund” or the “Wedding Fund”.

*evil laughs*

I haven’t finish looking through actually. Just that I tend to “work backwards”, skip here and there, work in batches by batches. Hehehe.



Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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