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Sigh, I just updated my iPhone to the new iOS7 and unfortunately I am not too happy with the update. The interface makes me dizzy… and the calendar which is the most important feature which I use more than anything else on my phone… is… darn… yucky!!

For those who haven’t update to the latest iOS7, personally I’d say don’t. Boohoohoo!

Edit @ 10.54pm: Okie, after munching on a huge bowl of veggies, I have decided that I shall suck it up and get use to the new interface. NOT SO BAD AFTERALL. Bleh!


Anyway, September has been an extremely busy period for us so far. Sometimes we only get to eat our breakfast at 12 midnight… which is madness I know.

We are also in the midst of revising our rates and packages to provide better value and service to our couples. So excited to launch it when it’s ready before the year ends! 🙂

Friends who have been following our blog or facebook should know that we are mad crazy about New Zealand. Heh heh heh heh heh. So crazy that we’ll try our best to visit the country and take in all the sights + sounds at least once a year! 2011 was the Year where we first step foot on the precious land, and we have been visiting yearly ever since.

Next year in 2014, we will be visiting the beautiful land and country again in APRIL. As usual, we’ll be having a super duper cool package! This time round I’m calling it the PEW PEW PEW Combo Package, limited to only a maximum of 2 very lucky couples. We’re thinking of opening the slots for up to 3 very fun loving, genuine and sincere couples who love New Zealand too, but we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

Couples who are interested in the PEW PEW PEW Combo Package can send an email to contactme @!

Do note that travel period will be in April 2014, shooting period most likely 7 – 13 April. Photoshoot to be done at least 3 – 4 months before your wedding date. If you’re looking at a Post Wedding shoot, let us know too! 🙂

Recently we did a conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot at The Good Beer Company in Singapore for couple Veiverne and Debbie. Here’s one of the uncommon, epic and legendary image to share from the shoot;


Creative Concept Pre-Wedding - 03


If you haven’t follow our Facebook [] or our Instagram [], you might have missed out some of our updated overseas pre-wedding works which we shot for Cowan and Pamela this year in New Zealand. Before Color Run came to Singapore in August, we were already playing with colored powders in New Zealand. Teeheeheehee!!
This was not meant to be a Trash the Dress photoshoot, but we trashed it anyway with the colored powder at the end of the photoshoot. The couple got the dress from Bridal Affairs Singapore, and the gown actually looked damn nice with all the colored powder stuck on it! It’s not a mess of brownish color, but a good mix of sweet pink/yellow etc. Will share the picture nearer to date, but a real pity they didn’t bring the gown back to Singapore, else could have displayed at their wedding reception. 🙁


Creative Concept Pre-Wedding - 01


Another one from Cowan and Pamela’s New Zealand pre-wedding photography series, shot at the Lighthouse. Can anybody spot anything different or weird from the photo? Try your luck and email me your answers to amazing @! If you’re getting married & you’re very keen in our actual day wedding photography service, I might just be able to give you a little prize for guessing the correct answer! 😀


Creative Concept Pre-Wedding - 02


Okie dokies, you guys have fun and enjoy the week! Raymond and I are gonna be xiong di and jiemei for a friend’s wedding tomorrow! Hohoho! It’s gonna be fuuuuuuun! 🙂




Angeline (:

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