Dearest lovely friends!

We’ve been missing in action for quite some time already cos we’re currently super busy with a whole lot of stuffs – especially with reno works in preparation for the shift to a new location in July! Before I touch about the whole reno and shift topic, let me share an image from a pre-wedding which we had done recently at the Adidas Sundown Marathon with Roy and Amy this month. 🙂

Titled : Sleep can wait

From Raymond: No better tagline for the Adidas Sundown Marathon! Thought of this concept a while back and luckily Amy & Roy are avid runners! This shot won’t even be possible without the supportive help of the event organisers, Amy & Roy’s spontaneity and their ever ready friends to shift the mattress, big spy ben for assisting with the lights and Angeline for running up and down cordinating, doing crowd control, holding lights and basically edging the couple on and Susu for working on the final image for almost 5 days. My life is that much easier with an incredible team! Muacks! 🙂


We’ll be super busy with pre-wedding shoots in July as well, right after we’re done with the shift, with some interesting concepts for the shoot. Can’t wait man!!! 🙂

For now, back to SOHO @ Central…..SOHO holds a lot of memories for us – a fighting ground where we spent sleepless nights working on the edits and debating over work issues, a cosy (sometimes messy) place where we met up with a lot of very sweet and nice couples, a chill out pig sty where our friends would come over and drink till the cows come home and puke all over the floor, a place for our dearest photographer friends and friends from the super stressed industry to destress at the poolside with Jacuzzi… It’s been a good 2 years we have spent in SOHO, an awesome loft with an awesome view, not forgetting the most awesome neighbor (Raymond + Pat), and a sensitive landlord. 🙂

I like this particular quote by Robert Anthony – “Moving fast is not the same as going somewhere.” We have been moving pretty fast, and it’s time to slow down to rework our strategies. We are going somewhere in July… And us being the bunch of crazy bananas always on the lookout for ridiculous adventures, we have welcomed the change and have decided to break away from our comfort zone. Good things don’t last forever, and all of us at Raymond Phang Photography will be saying goodbye to SOHO in the month of July. 🙂

Here’s an entry dedicated to our beloved battleground – Unit 06-12, SOHO 1 @ The Central with long overdued images of the place to share;

wedding photographer studio 3
An empty bare unit before we shifted in.

wedding photographer studio 4
Working and meeting area downstairs with an ensuite bathroom, rest and drooling in sleep upstairs. Warm lights on top for cosy-ness and white lights for work below.

wedding photographer studio 1
Almost fully equipped kitchenette complete with washer + dryer, microwave oven + fridge and cooker, as well as wardrobe upstairs.

wedding photographer studio 2
The messy mayhemmmm…

wedding photographer studio 5
We have a hugeass window and a ledge to chillax.

wedding photographer studio 6
So we put up backdrops, frames and works.

wedding photographer studio 7

wedding photographer studio 8

wedding photographer studio 11
The awesome full rainbow view we saw from our unit..This is also the first time we saw double rainbow which is quite faint in the photo.

wedding photographer studio 10
The full spectrum of fireworks during NDP, New Year countdown etc…

wedding photographer studio 9
Ta-dah! Pardon the quality as it’s taken from another *coughs* lower quality *coughs* camera.

wedding photographer studio 0
The morning Sunrise…



Also some crazy shots we did in the studioooo~ unglam portraits of ourselves..

wedding photographer life 3
Scan documents scan and scan, how about scanning some faces?? 🙂

wedding photographer life 1
Jacuzzi, followed by pizza by the pool during National Day!

wedding photographer life 0

Nerds attack!

wedding photographer life 4
Eng Teck emo-ing…

wedding photographer studio 12
By the way if you haven’t already know, that’s Bailey in the bowl with his puny little paws.

wedding photographer life 2
Without Satin in the picture..

wedding photographer life 8
With Satin!

wedding photographer life 9
Hairy Porter…

wedding photographer life 5
And we had Gabriel over too!

wedding photographer life 6
With Link~

wedding photographer life 7
It was so memorable.. 🙂



We’ll be very busy with the reno and shift during this period, so do bear with us as we’ll take some time to revert all the email enquiries. Updates of the new location will be posted in a seperate entry once it’s ready, so do stay tuned ya? Cheers! 🙂

– Angeline

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