Raymond Phang Photography is back from New Zealand! And now all of us are having NZ withdrawal syndrome. Hahaha. We’ll blog about the NZ trip another time cos there’s tooooooo many images we shot. But here’s one from the trip, a giant yolk at sunset. 🙂



That aside, do you know that tuning in to Class 95FM everyday to Raymond Phang Photography is something like having the compulsive need of dumping chilli sauce in all our meals and wacking the Wasabi with all our Sashimis? Yes, we are faaaaaaans of Class 95FM! Hence Raymond Phang Photography is sponsoring casual outdoor photoshoot for the Class 95FM Car Decal Giveaway! Weeeee!! Be spotted with the Class 95FM decals on the road and stand to win a casual outdoor photoshoot with Raymond Phang Photography! Congratulations to the first winner! Let’s all groove our asses to the awesome music! Muwahahahahaha~ (: