This post is totally non-wedding related. Just some of the images Raymond took for Taboo during their Halloween event last year. I thought it’s quite an interesting sight, so here I’m sharing some of my personal favourite “look” of the night. Some came dressed in cutsie superhero costumes, iphone/ipad, princesses etc… It’s good for people with weak heart like me to be around those cutsie group. But the following scary ones are the ones I would like to share. Gotta applause them for their time and effort and committment in preparing themselves for the Halloween night. Thumbs up! 🙂

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-2
Into the woods! With floating skeletons, ghouly figures welcoming you from above and friendly creatures taking and serving your orders.

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-15
Here’s a different kind of princess. Cute but not the girly cutesy ones who were dressed just to look pretty.

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-14
Love the grizzly fella on the right!

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-13
Wonder how they washed all the paint off their body after the party… maybe with alcohol? Hahahaha~

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-11
Look at that face!!

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-12
Not the typical cutsey/sexy nurses. I like!!

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-10
One day I shall try to paint my face like them too.

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-1
Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-4
Dark angels…
Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-9
The Chinese vampire!! WAHAHAHAHAHA!! Damn disgusting the face, but that’s the whole point! 🙂

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-8
Here’s a much more friendly version. :p

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-3
The scariest faces of the night has got to be the two guys on the right!! My goodness… wonder how many hours they took to prepare all the makeup stuffs… Maybe I can ask Becky to draw for me. Becky is Ben’s sweet darling, and she’s really keen in all the hair and makeup stuffs that she even took courses with Cosmoprof!!

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-7
Love this group of peeps!! So exaggerating, so pretty! Don’t know how to sit inside the Taxi or go through the door at the MRT with a hair as big as that. Kekeke.

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-6
Here’s Addie mama with a erhmm… rabbit?

Halloween-Taboo-Raymond Phang Photography-5
Not forgetting a picture of Raymond himself who went for the shoot as Raymond himself. That’s scary enough. Hahahahaha~

Taboo Club is located along the rows of shophouses at 65/66/67A, Neil Road, Singapore 088897. They have interesting shows on different Saturdays of the month, and my favourite has got to be the Handbag Nights, or when they have special launch parties. Not forgetting the liquid buffet every Friday and Saturday with freeflow of housepour and beer at $25 Nett from 10pm till 12am. Hohoho~ If you’re an alcoholic you might like that… but of course too much drinking is bad for your health, so drink in moderation ya?

Till the next Halloween, cheers!! 🙂

Lots of Love,

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