We covered Herman and Janet’s actual day wedding last year in April, and this year, we covered their maternity shoot! For couples interested to view the entry on their actual day wedding, feel free to click the URL here:
The couple had a quick outdoor shoot at Hort Park, followed by Chijmes where the evening banquet ceremony was held at. 🙂



The year is coming to an end, and we have a lot of thoughts to share… mainly our experiences and lessons learnt during this one year. Too busy, too many things happened, and time past too fast. Almost suffocating, and even though with so many events happening, personally I keep having this feeling that I’m not doing enough, not good enough, and not utilising my life and time on earth fully. Working like a machine to bring the bread and butter don’t give meaning to life, even when you’re doing what you love and enjoy doing. Hopefully I’ll have a fresh mindset next year after the New Zealand trip + pre-wedding shoot! 🙂
That aside, we have definitely grown a lot, made a lot of friends, realise who are the genuine and nicest people around us, met a lot of people who have great faith in us, and like us put their heart and soul into Photography. In this case, Herman and Janet happens to be one of them. Despite us being the greenest horn in the world of Maternity Photography, the couple gave us their full trust and without any doubt, insisted on us to photograph their maternity. We were, and are still very touched!
So we had the photography session done right within our studio in 6 Eu Tong Sen Street – an indoor studio environment shoot. Herman was really tired that day, and at one point of time while waiting for Janet’s turn to be done, he actually dozed off at the couch. Despite all the physical discomfort coming from a pregnant lady with a big tummy and an exhausted dad, Herman and Janet gave us their fullest cooperation. I guess this is also the power of love Herman and Janet has for their BB. 🙂
The maternity shot was done in July this year, and that was when I had the most amazing experience in my life. Halfway through the shoot, Janet asked for my hand and she placed it on her tummy. I felt a movement, and if I could draw out the feeling that I experienced, it would look something like a deep blue sonic wave with sleek grey silver curvy linings against a gradient black background! BB actually moved! I was expecting a kick, like a thud, but what came instead was a sonic wave. So amazing!
Now BB Trevor is out from mummy’s womb, happy, healthy, cute and cuddly! And at only 3.5 months old knows how to poo poo on his potty, we can’t help but feel as though we were somehow part of his life even though we weren’t physically there nor contributed any effort – I guess it was the connection.
Thank you Herman and Janet for letting us be part of this beautiful journey, beautiful life. 🙂







Slave driver. HAHAHAHA! 😛











“To the love of my life, I love you more than words can say.”



Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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