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We are back! As in, the blog is back! Previously we have received some feedback regarding some issues with our blog. When you click on the “Older Post” tab right at the bottom of the page to view older entries, it still brings you to Page 1. So we emailed the guys at Prophoto and they were really efficient! Special thanks toย Matt Dietsche and Benjamin Tennant from the support team, the issue is finally resolved. Yay!! ๐Ÿ™‚

So today I’m gonna share some RAW and unedited images on behind the scene of a yummy pre-wedding photo we took in New Zealand.


Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-02


So Raymond was actually standing on dry land somewhere pretty far away, innocently composing the framing and cropping he wanted for this particular shot. Ben was standing here at the end of the bridge. Raymond saw the uncle driving in with his boat and suddenly had an inspiration.



Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-03


So he asked Abner and Joui are they ok to get wet? The adventurous and spontaneous couple was game for it, so Raymond shouted across and asked the uncle for some help.


Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-04


And there you go, the start of the mayhem. Initially the uncle was a little scared so he only rev the engine bit bit. So Raymond asked for more and more and more until the uncle really rev all the way. Now you see it…


Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-05


Now you don’t!


Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-06


Coming soon coming soon…


Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-07


They made it!!


Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-08


They had to kiss while being rained with the cold and smelly and oily water. Forgot to ask them how it tasted. This must be the most unforgettable and memorable kiss for them.


Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-09


Finally we’re done! 1 shot 1 kill, no NG or Re-dos required.


Behind the Scene: Raymond Phang-Final ShotSo here’s the final image. ๐Ÿ™‚


For friends who are always particularly curious on whether our shots are real or fake, there you go. Hope it satisfy your curiosity. We’ll try to get more behind the scene shots to feed your hunger. Muwahahahaha!


As for our conceptualised pre-wedding photos, by looking only at just ONE single image, sometimes doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s just like opening a book and flipping to read a random page. You would probably have to read the entire book to know what’s going on. Or in this case, either see the entire set of images, or at least know who the couple really are, to understand why we shot that image. Otherwise our photos will never make any sense to you. That’s the beauty of our conceptualised pre-wedding shots. Stories of the couple that makes sense to people who know them and care about them.


Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚


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