What Takes Place In An Indian Wedding Singapore

Singapore has become a hodgepodge of Western and Eastern culture and this is highly evident in the weddings celebrated here. Americans or Europeans resort to their wedding format while Eastern weddings are composed of rituals and celebrations before the wedding itself. One example of which is the traditional Indian wedding that takes days or weeks to complete. Throughout the series of events included in an Indian wedding in Singapore, it is vital to preserve every moment on pictures.

Indian Wedding Singapore: pre-wedding rituals

An Indian wedding is divided into three parts: pre-wedding, the wedding day itself and post-wedding. Several events and rituals are conducted during these parts in adherence to cultural norms and to solidify the unity not just of the bride and the groom but also the unity of their families. Because of the number of events that take place in an Indian wedding, the whole cycle is rendered in lavish fashion and the families of both bride and groom are really involved in the process.

Modernized Indians have the liberty to choose their desired partner in life. However, arranged marriages are still prevalent in the rural Indian communities. If the marriage was arranged by the families involved, the consult a priest for a suitable day for the Misri. During Misri, the bride and the groom exchanges wedding rings, sweets and garlands. After the Misri, the family and friends of the bride celebrate the Mehndi.

The family of the bride celebrates the wedding during the Mehndi but more Indian wedding rituals take place. The colour of the Mehndi is placed on the hand of the bride using henna and this ritual signifies the bond of love between the married couple. Aside from the bride, her family members are also painted with the same colour while traditional songs are dances are also performed.

Indian Wedding Singapore: wedding and post-wedding

On the day of the wedding, the Pithi cleansing ceremony is performed on both the bride and the groom. During the Pithi, the bride and the groom are pasted with turmeric solution at their respective homes to cleanse them before the actual wedding. Then, the wedding is performed in a tent with beautiful flowers. The wedding itself lasts for several hours.

After the actual wedding, the Saptapadi takes place. This is where the newlywed couple dance together around the sacred fire which symbolizes the Hindu gods. The bride and the groom go around the fire seven times while the priest recites a mantra for every revolution made. Each mantra contains the significance of the marriage of the individuals and families involved.

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