One of my favourite event photography series shot by Raymond Phang last year in May for Mini Cooper’s 2010 Minifesto event. The event was held over a span of two full days on 15 and 16 May at the F1 Pit Building. I remember the weather wasn’t really kind on the two days outdoor event, either too sunny or too much rain. But the invited guests as well as members of the public enjoyed and had fun with the interesting games!

Two special edition of Minis were presented at the event – Mini Cooper Loft and the Mini Stratford. Here are some images taken at the event to share with you guys, a little peek into Raymond Phang’s event photography besides wedding and also food photography which I shared previously.  🙂



Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-01
Mini Wall


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-02
Boy: “You snap my picture must give me a big Mini, like the one behind! And make sure can see the big Mini cooper at the back ah!”



Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-03

I cannot remember if anyone managed to push the Mini from the sandy ground. Some even push until they fell down, but it was all good fun, no injuries so don’t worry. There’s also the remote controlled car challenge. Not only the kids will enjoy this, the big boys had fun too! I bet I will! 🙂


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-04

Event Host/Radio DJ – Glenn Ong and Vernetta Lopez from Class 95fm was there as well. They are really, really nice people! Cannot miss their Morning Express radio program! 🙂


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-05

Go Kart was another one of the many activities.


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-06

Had some time for photo opportunities with the Mini.


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-07

And they were so expressive infront of the camera! 🙂


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-08

Some images taken with the Mini billboard. That’s Dominic jumping so happily at the top image. =_=”


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-09

And here comes the Mini babes! They where busy flagging off for the driving challenges and also with the car wash! I’ll spare you guys from the car wash images. MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!! :p


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-10

Rally Champion and MINI Ambassador Rauno Aaltonen showed off his superb skills manouvering the Mini at the handling course (yeah, with visitors/guests seated inside. Shiok to the ultimate).


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-11

Here’s the man behind the wheel, he was a racer boy back in the 60s rallying with the Mini Cooper S at the Monte Carlo Rally!! Don’t play play, cos he managed to come in a winner in Year 1967, and 3rd in the following year! Not an easy feat cos you have to run over steep and tight mountain pass with many hairpin turns and usually by the time of the year the roads are covered with ice/snow (if not thrown by spectators). Skid and you crash and you say byebye ah! Awesomeeeeee!!


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-12

And what’s a car event without a car shoot by Raymond Phang right?? Despite the rain, Raymond still insisted on shooting some motion car shots for them. 🙂


Raymond Phang Car  Event Shoot (mini cooper)-13

Love all these shots, beautiful car, beautiful lights, weather wasn’t too beautiful but everything looks good here. Hope you guys enjoyed this series as much as I do! 🙂


Lots of ♥,
– Angeline

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