We did a pre-wedding photo shoot for Kangwei & Shuqin somewhere in March this year in Singapore. It was a super memorable day of shoot for Susu and myself, and definitely one of the most memorable for Raymond (hopefully for the couple too, in a good way!)! Hehehehe!


Throughout the first half of the photoshoot, Raymond was the one driving the buggy from point to point, while Susu and I sat and grumbled at not being able to hold the wheel. It seems fun to drive a golf buggy, especially after we experienced how Raymond manoeuvered the vehicle over steep slopes and “canals”. We thought we were going to crash and die whenever he did all those supposedly dangerous stunts which to Raymond was common.


Finally my chance to drive the golf buggy came when he needed clearance for one of his angle. So while everyone was fussing over the bride and groom, I was tasked to move the buggy to the other side! YES!!! I do not have a driving license, but I thought it’s like driving a bumper car! The instructions were pretty simple and easy to comprehend, and I happily drove the buggy with success!! FUWAH! What a feeeeeeeeling!! It was damn fun!!! I got addicted to it, and so I waited and eyed at every opportunity to drive the golf buggy again.


Done with first half of the photoshoot, and we wouldn’t have done it without the help from Mia and Clarabelle – very nice friends of Kangwei & Shuqin who helped toss the veil, hold the speedlite, provide tissues etc! 🙂


So Raymond drove the golf buggy back to the pick up and return point. On the way back, I wanted to take over the wheel and he let me!! So I was sitting in the middle while the wheel was on the left, I totally enjoyed myself driving the golf buggy!! I drove like a pro, until we met with a vehicle parked at the left side of the road. I had to avoid it so I drove closer to the right. Looking at the pathetic battery left, plus I didn’t want the three of us to be stranded in the middle of nowhere, I stepped on the accelerator with all my might! Especially so when I saw that we were approaching an uphill slope! Jialat I thought…. the golf buggy sure don’t have enough horse power to take us up… Who knows, if it rolls backward I will surely be laughed at by Raymond. My bimbo moment strucked, and I figured by stepping the accelerator pedal fully, it might help a teeeeeeeny weeeeeeny bit.


Fuwah, indeed the golf buggy seemed to respond better. Ai seh, I thought I was a heroine!! Muwahahahahaha! But I didn’t anticipate that there’ll be a downhill turning slope right after, so I happily mounted a kerb! Maybe cos I played too much Daytona, watched too much Need for Speed or Initial-D and the likes, I swirl/swirve (don’t know how to spell) and thought maybe by doing that the golf buggy will drift and move to the right track! Fuwah! I always thought those drifting scenes in the movies are really cool! But I forgot I’m a no license driver, and I’m not driving a vehicle built for F-1 races. Tsk…..


Raymond Phang Photography - Threesome @ Work before mounting kerb
Seconds before the Mayhem… Look at my expression!! Something doesn’t seemed right…………… MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!


Right after Raymond took this self snap picture of us three in the moving golf buggy, I mounted the kerb and Raymond flew out of the buggy, turned and did a few rounds of summersault with his hands holding the camera high up in the air!!!! Fuwah my goodness, it was like a “jump car” scene out of the movies!! I saw it happening right before my eyes! So i jammed break and ran to Raymond. He was laying on the ground motionless… Luckily it was all superficial injuries and the pole didn’t poke him and pierce through his body. Phew!!! He thought I’d be crying like the Nigeria falls, but who knows my first reaction was a giggly “sorry sorry”… HAHAHAHAHA!!


I picked him up, and he limped his way back to the buggy. Luckily the camera was perfectly good too! All thanks to his professional dedication for passion  – he saved and protected the camera instead of his body/head.

Raymond Phang Photography - Raymond Phang injured

I forgot what happened after… forgot who drove the buggy back. But anyway, here’s his battle scars! If he didn’t fly out of the buggy, the whole vehicle would have overturned, crushing his ribs and the three of us could have just died like that… freak accident!


Raymond Phang Photography - Raymond Phang flung out of buggy

Pretty badly injured, and he had a suuuuuper big piece of bruise on his waist area. I would love to drive the golf buggy again if given another chance!! Hehehehehehe… =p
Anyway, here’s a few images from the day’s shoot to share!!


Raymond Phang Photography - Singapore Wedding Photographer


Raymond Phang Photography - Singapore Outdoor Bridal Photographer


Raymond Phang Photography - Singapore Pre Wedding Photographer


Raymond Phang Photography - Pre Wedding in Singapore


Raymond Phang Photography - Destination Wedding Singapore


Raymond Phang Photography - Unique Location in Singapore for Pre-Wedding


Raymond Phang Photography - Fashion Wedding Photographer


We spent the entire day for the shoot from morning to night, and even when it rained during the night, Kangwei and Shuqin was really cooperative with us!! Must also thank the couple for being so patient and trusting even though they could have fallen sick, they had to rush off for an important birthday dinner right after, risk their makeup getting all smudged, risk falling off the building etc etc etc. 🙂


More to come, and we’re also really excited to share a recent series we did for Eddie and Aileen!! Something never seen before… hehehe… Till then, cheers!! 🙂



Lot of ♥,


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