Good morning world! This is officially my SECOND post! Decided to post some of my shoots else my blog is like a food blog instead of a wedding blog. Haha. Finally manged thru the busy period and also did shoots here and there running about here and there and finally eating here and there. This month has been real good and i feel real blessed with clients asking us out for food and parties.


Angeline and I are feeling reeeeaally sleep now, but we got work to do. Glad we’re clearing the backlogs pretty well. Trying our best to squeeze time so that we can complete as much as we can before the coming new year, without sacrificing the quality. Not forgetting we’ll have a couple more wedding shoots from 27 Dec to 29 Dec and 31 Dec to 3rd Jan, followed by a few others coming along the month. Busy busy, but totally worth it when we see the end product and the expressions of our couples who appreciate our hard work. 😀


Alright, some snips from Edwin and Chew Ling’s wedding! Enjoy!



I like the long train.


Chew Ling having her make up.




Know what, I’m freaking hungry now when i see this image!! Angeline is feeling super hungry too, but i can only eat Porridge at the moment cos i’m having some Lock Jaw problem.



It looks like Chew ling is jabbing her eye balls in this shot. Ouch!




I like this, cos it reminds me of how my mum used to feed me when I was little. Look at the mother and daughter’s facial expression, and you’ll know. Come, open the mouth, say “Aaaaahh…”






The lovely sisters.


Final touch up.


Here comes Edwin!


And his gang of brothers~




















Rid the fan, drop the bad temper.


I wonder does anyone pick up the fan after that, or simply leave it there. Hmm…


I like this lots!



I don’t know what is this, but it looks like a bigger version of Ferrero Rocher to me. Wahahahaha!



Her lashes are really really long! I told her if she flutters them hard enough might have wind blowing towards me. Haha.


I like their bedsheets. Very cute!




Behind the scenes. The smell stuck to my head! Yummy Fried Chicken Wings!


Removing the veil… I always think it’s a big challenge for the guys to remove the veil without spoiling or messing up the girls’ hairdo. But in this case, I think Edwin did a great job!





Makan time!


I think I see the box from Pizza Hut.



Another series of very favourite shots!





Getting ready for tea Ceremony.






Evening banquet time.












Checking to confirm everything is properly settled.









Love this shot too!


And this!






This reminds me to remind Angeline of her Music Theory! She has been busy rushing images and running around with me for my shoots until she has no time to practise her piano and do her music theory. I think she needs to consult a few private lessons from Koh who is our other couple that will be having their AD at May 2009. So looking forward to do a meet up with them soon for makan session!










I can only imagine his emotions at this point of time. Really touching speech and i almost forgot to snap because i was too engrossed in the speech!






Merry Christmas to everyone!! We’ll be busy the whole of today. We only slept for like 3 hours yesterday and we won’t end our day until 3am today! Morning wake up at 6am for a job pitch at client office, afternoon deliver DVDs, buy foodie items for Shereen the drunkard, our corporate client who invited us over for Xmas din din, buy my second set of Canon 5D mk2, replace my Hensel glass domes and bulb which decided to commit sucide during a shoot last week, followed by collecting Xmas log cake at evening time and finally end the day when we go for a Xmas eve party shoot at 11pm to 2am. 24 Hours just seem so short! *Concuss*

Byebye! 🙂


Lots of ♥,

Raymond Phang (Finally)

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