Hey guys! Apologies for the super lack of updates! Buried with the usuals (editing and photo shoots), but luckily we managed to find time to attend a super workshop yesterday! Had to sacrifice a shoot just so we could attend, but really, it was worth it! Met new friends like George and Link at The Gabriel Mendes Workshop, and got to know a little more about George from Aphotostory. I feel very happy when I personally get to know more about a person’s character, rather than to assume that I know them based on what I read from their blog. I must say George is a person whom I admire for his persistance and philosophy in producing images that tells a story rather than just making beautiful images which probably might have no meaning by itself. 🙂


We met another guy known as Link. But I thought “The Missing Link” suits him pretty much! Hahaha! Link is actually a writer with Mediacorp, with an impressive command of the chinese language! I secretly went to his blog (hey, why no updates anymore!?) and read a little of his stuffs. I think people who can read and write and speak good mandarin are soon becoming extinct. Hopefully after he steps foot on his journey of Photography, he’d still maintain this “good virtue”. Haha! A very sincere guy I must say, and hope he’ll enjoy the coming challenges of being a good wedding photographer! 🙂


The most beloved of all – Gabriel  Mendes, affectionately known to us as Master Sud Sud! The nickname came about when we attended the WPN workshop few months back, where Gabriel Mendes gave a talk on wedding photography. Couples go to him for Sud Sud images, and everything about him is Sud Sud. S U D S U D. And amazingly, we all agree that he deserves the Sud Sud title!! So we’ve been calling him Sud Sud ever since. Hahaha! Raymond and I always thought Gabriel Mendes is an ang moh or a “fusion” of Chinese with some exotic bloodline, but he’s actually a Chinese! Raymond and I always thought Gabriel Mendes would be a no nonsense, very atas and aloof person, but we were totally wrong. He’s actually really fun and wacky! No airs, and surprisingly very approaching! We’re glad we attended his workshop, learnt a hell lot of very useful things and got to know more about him! 🙂


Back to the workshop after thoughts. Both Raymond and I found it very useful, especially since what was taught really apply to the local context. It was a one full day worksop, starting at 9.30am and ended at around 8.15pm! It was supposed to end at 5.30pm, but Master Sud Sud still had so much to share with us! We learnt about finding our unique selling point, marketing, selling, branding, got to know how Gabriel Mendes Photography came about, and it was a super eye opener when Master Sud Sud showed us exactly how he present his works and albums to couples. We had a solid session of hands on practical/role play where Raymond and I pretended to be wedding couple visiting Gabriel Mendes Photography to browse his works. We threw him a lot of questions like what couples would ask wedding photographers, and Master Sud Sud managed it all soooo well that we wanted to sign on the spot! A really super exciting “ping pong” session, and Master Sud Sud indeed is the master.


The session continued at our studio where we all had a chance to present, and Master Sud Sud really have a knack for role play! It was his turn to act as a bride, and goodness he can really pull it off damn well! So funny!! Hahaha!! We would then all give our comments on the presentation, and Master Sud Sud taught us how to improve from there. The workshop is really very engaging, intensive, interactive, yet intimate and personal. A real pity for all those who missed the workshop!! Master Sud Sud was telling us it’ll be the one and only Gabriel Mendes Workshop, but we really hope there’ll be more to come cos it’s really beneficial. I’m sure Link will agree with me too. 🙂


Lunch and dinner was provided! Master Sud Sud brought us to this place for delicious Thai food at the Rail Mall known as Sweet Salty Spicy! Dinner was at Central, having the famous Ramen at Santouka. We then snapped some pictures, but unfortunately George had something to attend to, so he left us before dinner time. We had a lot of fun at the workshop, and thank you Master Sud Sud for the selfless sharing session! 🙂


Master Sud Sud is really tall too! And we forgot to snap a back view of his hair. So stylo!



Sandwiched by us. Hahaha!


As what he suggested, doing the “Mr and Mrs Smith” pose. :p


That’s Link and Master Sud Sud!


So formal… how about something informal?


Muwahahaha!! Tsk, I think this picture would look perfect without the extra me in the background.


Finally a candid group shot of us! 🙂



Lots of ♥,


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