Yesterday, we met up with Koh & Ting Yin for a little chit chat session at Secret Recipe – IMM, got the paperwork done and collected the deposit to lock down the date for their wedding photography next year on 29 May. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding!! =D


Chatted and chatted, didn’t realised that the time has flew so fast! Personally I really like the idea of using the Van. Hmm… Anyway, now I know where to source for a piano teacher if ever I intend to change one. Because surprisingly, Koh plays the piano, and he has achieved a Grade 8 standard! Maybe can charge half price. Hahahaha!


Raymond and I totally enjoyed the session with them even though the Oreo milkshake didn’t manage to satisfy Raymond’s Oreo cravings. Unfortunately the Oreo Cheesecake was sold out as well. No Chocolate Indulgence too! Nonetheless us being gluttons, decided to settle for their award winning Marble Cheesecake, and a Chocolate Fudge cake. Gee, so paiseh to have them treat us this time round. But no worries, next time the tab is on us! I’m totally for the idea of Long Beach Seafood.. Seafood Paradise at the Singapore Flyer, crabs at Defu Lane… there’s another one at Esplanade area… Palm Beach Seafood!! (Let Raymond slog his guts out for the bill. Muwahahaha!) =X


Personally I really like this couple a lot, and I’m sure Raymond will agree with me too! Very interesting couple with a lot of stories to share. Furthermore, Raymond told them he could feel their love for each other.. Their love is “gao gao” (hokkien for thick thick??) one! Hahahaha! Can’t wait for our next meet up with them! =D


On a heavier note, we got our car totally scratched and badly dented after we left IMM because Raymond didn’t notice the super big fat pillar just standing beside our car. So we ended up going home with a biiiiig heartache. Maybe we should snap a picture of the damage and post it here. *Shakes head*


I remember Ting Yin asking us whether we have free time for ourselves, and what do we do in our free time. Hmm… We try to squeeze time for a holiday every year, be it a long holiday or just a short getaway. Other than that… we do stupid things like catching cockroaches in the middle of the night when the whole neighbourhood was already busy snoring away.


The superman caught 3 cockroaches that night. Actually more, but they were from the previous nights. We were so busy trying to catch them, until we realised we ran out of containers. So we stopped at 3. Then we took a lot of snaps for the cockroaches and decided to make it into their wedding album. Hahahaha! Nah just kidding. But we did snapped a lot of pictures of them with the Canon Ixus. I think it’ll be too gross to post them up here though…


Sometimes we try to squeeze time to act like tourist and visit some of the “hot spots” such as the Singapore Flyer.


So happy… =_=”


Taking the duck tours and trying to “fight” with real tourists during the Q & A to win the Quacker. Most of our pat tor pictures taken with the Canon Ixus, only rare few with his camera.


Dining at Hibiki, followed by some snapping session.


Not forgetting desserts such as ice cream to complete the full meal.


Squeezing with the crowds at NATAS fair. Janice from SPH was kind enough to even meet us there so that we can sign the contract for the Her World Brides advertorial.


When I have the free time and no one else is around to disturb me, I’d cook a meal or two for us.


And I’ll always spend a loooot of time in the kitchen because of thing like this. I absolutely love it when my food comes in kiddy shapes and sizes. I call this the Genki Toufu cos it looks so genki. Hahaha.


When Raymond has the time, he’ll accompany me to my dental, which is Lee & Ong Dental. Dr Victor Lee rocks!! Very patient and friendly. =)


Sometimes when we got soooo stressed up with the editings, we’ll try to do things like balancing the egg on the floor, which i successfully did!


Practising for our future pre-wedding shoots. WAHAHAHA! Kidding!!


But just doing recce for couples’ pre-wedding shoot. This one was done for Karen and Tein Po. Usually we work in this way – recce the location and know it at the back of our hands first before we bring the couple over for shoot.


Attending my graduation ceremony, and helping to snap pictures of me and my parents. That’s my parents. They are really nice folks!


Met up with my friends for Hasae’s birthday dinner in September. Their names are Ah Neo (in the middle) and Hasae (on the far right). Together, we are AhneoHasaeYo! Serious!


Using Blu-Tack to mould things such as a tiny chair. Raymond has huge hands and fingers, so he cannot do this.


It’s really some of the stupid things we do during our precious free time.


Drove up to Genting in year 2006. I was forced to go up on the Space Shot ride!! Just for a little background information about me, I’m someone who is really terrified of height. Ask me to climb up the short ladder I’ll show you what jelly feet means. No choice, I had a private deal with Raymond so I had to fulfill the promise. >:(


Wow, that basically sums up what we did during our free time! For Raymond, it’s a lot more on growing roots in front of the monitor. Photos, more photos, and editing, more editing. While I’m happily blogging away now, he’s on his way out for an event shoot till late night.


We’ll be meeting Ann and Vincent tomorrow, followed by an evening shoot. I really wonder how is Anamika doing. Scared she might be too stressed up with work and the preparation stuffs for her wedding which is on the 5th of October. Hopefully she is more or less done with the important things already. Looking forward to Guan Lim & Jeslin’s wedding on the 4th of October too. Another very nice couple, and they taught us a lot on coffee. =)


Alright, gotta go back to photos already. Night!


Lots of ♥,

– Angeline

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