So with the launch of promo (25% off Raymond’s actual day photography package), I have received a number of enquiries asking to see more of Raymond’s actual day works as it seems like most of the stuffs on the Facebook Page are more pre-wedding related. Actually there’s an album updated with selections from Raymond’s recent actual day works call “The Little Book Of I Love You Two“. We have also just started another album called “The Little Book Of I Love Candies!” where it’s an album with selected images of candid moments/expressions of people on the wedding day. 🙂


But anyway, no problem about that, here’s a set of wedding images that Raymond shot for Hanting and Brenda for their wedding this year. I personally enjoyed this set (and in fact all the sets of photos that Raymond took), also because I got to see another side of lawyers who always give me the impression that they are solemn, no nonsense, dead serious and maybe a with an air of atasness. Hanting and Brenda totally changed my impression, seriously…


Their wedding was pretty geeky and fun! Gatecrashing part was epic with the girls and guys exchanging papers with clauses scribbled here and there of some legal jargons and terms which a noob like me doesn’t quite understand but it’s ok. Hahahaha! The bridal party was super fun loving too! They totally let go of themselves, had fun and celebrated together with the couple like no tomorrow.


The couple also trusted Raymond to do what he’s best at doing, so Raymond himself also enjoyed photographing the wedding. It’s like going to Disneyland or Universal Studios, where you get to see loads and loads of happy faces, people all around having fun (okay there were some exhausted ones), and then Raymond morphed himself into a ninja hunter. He’s good in catching the candid expressions and he really enjoy doing that. Some are pretty unglam no doubt, but hey, it’s all real and part of who that person is right? 🙂


So, here you go! Enjoy the photos! 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 01


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 02

As usual, Raymond as the main photographer is always asked to start at the Bride’s place where most of the happening stuffs are taking place. In this case, the sisters were happily preparing the potent mixture to fill the brothers’ tummies.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 03

I have no idea what other veggies did they include in the yucky mixture but I hate carrots and If I were the one tasting the mixture, my expression will be a hundred times more unglam than the poor jiemei. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 04

Ok, maybe fifty times more unglam than hers. Muwahahahahahaha! :X


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 05

While the sisters were executing their evil plans in the kitchen, Brenda was sitting still like a dainty princess getting all dolled up by the stylist.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 06

Yeah she had a bit of her locks trimmed away too.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 07

And here comes the gatecrashing! Nothing new right? You guys would have seen this a million times… A bucket, filled with ice and water. Get the brothers and groom to use their toes to pick out some stuffs, maybe mahjong tiles or alphabets etc…


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 08

But look at what’s in between the brother’s toes! A COIN!!! FUWAH! This is reeeeeeeal challenging I must say.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 09

Most resorts will include a welcome drink when you book your accommodation with them… and here’s a nice welcome drink for the brothers. *gag*


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 10

Not knowing what to expect for what is to come when they take their virgin sip, the brothers acted tough and insisted to do a toast first (prolly need to act a bit man, boost each other’s courage and drink it up). :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 11

WASEH! Good job Hanting! He must have loved carrots and bittergourd a lot, I mean, love Brenda a lot!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 12

Then the sisters proceed with the next game. What’s with all the pictures of appliances? Clue to treasure hunt?


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 13

You wish! Heh heh heh heh heh… Now now, Hanting is in for something good…


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 14

It’s the whipped cream game!!! Apparently it depends on which photo the brothers picked, could be electrical appliances, could be a table. I don’t really know how the sisters determine where the whipped cream should be sprayed based on the photos (since I wasn’t there, darn missed out on all the fun!), but for this brother, it was above the lips and Hanting had to lick it off. O_O”


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 15

Moving on, table legs…. so… legs… foot!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 16

The three photos in this sequence here represents O….. M…… G. Of course Hanting didn’t stomach the cream. He spat it out. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 17

NEXT! On the lips!!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 18

“Seriously?? Shit… I’m gonna have to kiss Brenda a hundred times to forget my experience with this dude… “


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 19

The whipped cream game continued and you wouldn’t want to see the other parts where the whipped cream went to… I saw it and now I can never erased the sight from my eyes ever again. :p

Luckily the merciful sisters decided to move on to another game…


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 20

See the papers in the sisters’ hands?


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 21

Oh yeah… the start of the Male Lawyers Vs Female Lawyers. It’s like a court battle, looks quite fun in their own ways and since the bridal party and couple can very much relate to this, that’s all that matters. 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 22

Happily listing clauses and negotiating terms. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 23


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 24

Hanting finally gets his bride after some time… I hope he’s not imagining himself kissing the brothers when he was kissing Brenda for the first time seeing her on their big day. Hehehe.

Oh, and the sign speaks a lot about Brenda! SHE LOVES CHOCOLATE! ME TOOOOOOOO!!! I can finish an entire giant block of Cadbury in one seating non stop. Simply cannot resist chocolates. Don’t know what makes them so yummy. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 25

Here’s one of Raymond’s signature shot of the bridal car in motion. 🙂



RaymondPhang Actual Day - 26

Upon reaching the groom’s place, some relatives were eagerly waiting outside already! Love the weather and the sun on that day. So nice. 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 27

Part of the Chinese custom to have a virgin boy roll and jump on the newly wed’s bed. Supposed to have something to do with fertility and helping them in having a lorry full of kids. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 28



RaymondPhang Actual Day - 29

Sneaky sneaky uncle!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 30

And then it’s back to Brenda’s place! Really love the photos, seriously… Sometimes when I look through wedding photos, I see photos of relatives who continued to mind their own business even when the couple arrives. Some looked tired, closing their eyes to take a rest. But these photos… all I see are happy faces! Relatives welcoming the newly wed with so much joy and enthusiasm (so cute of the elder folks to even clap their hands!)… I guess they must have adored Brenda (and of course Hanting) a lot. 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 31

Piggy piggy!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 32

Ok, I think I shall stop emphasizing on the happy faces… You can just take a look for yourself… How can someone laugh so hard even at the tea ceremony where most couples thought to be boring and no choice have to go through it?


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 33


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 34

Then it was the start of the evening session.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 36

Couple held their banquet at Conrad Centennial Singapore. HUGE BEARRRRR!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 35

Some detail shots… I wonder if that’s the first bar of Toblerone Brenda had for that day.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 37


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 38

Ring shot! Simply gorgeous!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 39

Reception area where the guests mingles around.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 40

Ang Pow Box too far to reach. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 41

Kids will be kids. 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 42


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 43

Sometimes it’s hard to capture a Father’s smiling face… somehow most fathers are just not too smiley, even on a big day like their kid’s wedding day. If your encyclopedia of jokes doesn’t work, you’ll just need to camp around, observe, wait and snap. 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 44



RaymondPhang Actual Day - 45

Mummy looks highly tickled.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 46

Here’s a fish eye shot of the ballroom.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 47

Hanting and Brenda march in for the first time. 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 48

Expressions of the folks watching the montage.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 49

More minglings. 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 50

Poor lady sitting in between cannot enjoy her soup in peace. Muwahahahahahaha! Maybe next time can swop seats instead. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 51

Couple’s second march in. Love brides who dare to experiment with colors! 🙂


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 52


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 53

Cannot do without the Yum Seng although some couples prefer to skip this altogether and do a simple “Cheers!”.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 54

It’s time for that speech!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 55


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 56

I have no idea why is she giving the thumbs up to Raymond. Hehehe. I guess Raymond must have done a good job. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 57

And I thought there wouldn’t be too much of drinking…


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 58

But I was wroooooong!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 59


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 60

Their friends had the never say die attitude.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 61

Very good persuasive skills, leaving Hanting with no choice but to drink and drink.


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 62

And then Hanting decided it’s enough! “Drink sumore I’ll need to use a rubberband at the send off already!” Hahahahaha!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 63

See!! Love their expression! Too drunk, cannot tahan!

“Darling…. my bladder is full from the drinks… need to peee….  howwww… I cannot tahan… Should I use the rubber band? Aaaaaaa~”

“Stop it, you look very unglam! You have to persevere, hold your bladder, you can do it!”

“My goodness, why are they talking about pee and bladder infront of so many guests? *maintain smile*”


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 64

“Hmmm.. the hair smells of chocolate!”


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 65



RaymondPhang Actual Day - 66

“Brenda, my face is hot and flustered from the alcohol… the effect is kicking in… tell me am I hot and sexy when I put my hands on my cheek?”

“You…. hot…? Ok…. I’m trying hard not to lie but yes… you are hot…. and sexy… *trying hard not to puke at own answer*”
And the mum just laughs. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 67



RaymondPhang Actual Day - 68
Awwww… I think Raymond would make a good paparazzi. :p


RaymondPhang Actual Day - 69



RaymondPhang Actual Day - 70

After most of the guests have left… Here’s what happened…



RaymondPhang Actual Day - 71

And Brenda just laughs. 🙂


Phew!! I’ve taken at least 3 hours selecting the photos, resizing them, putting them in order, uploading to flickr, copied the links of the photos here one by one, and typing this entry. Hope you guys love the photos and enjoyed reading!! 🙂


Promo - 17

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Have a great evening! 😀






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