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For friends who have been keeping regular tabs on our Facebook Page, you might have seen one image of a¬†cross dress couple – groom in hair curlers, wearing multi color long dress, with the clothes and iron on fire, and a¬†female¬†firefighter rushing in with the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Well, today I’m sharing a little on the Behind The Scene for that shot! ūüôā


You know how usually in most cases the husband is always portrayed as the hero – saving wifeys from disgusting bugs and roaches etc, protecting the wifey from all harms and danger. Well, in this case we did the opposite. It’s more of a how the day will end up if the husband takes over the role of the wifey with all the housework chores, and the wifey in this case became the hero and saves the day.


Kindly bear in mind that all these shots are RAW as it is, unedited, simply direct convert from RAW to JPEG to share with you guys. Also there are two cameras with two different settings, and two perspectives here. ūüôā


ConceptPreWed_BehindScene_RaymondPhang-01 So this was the pre-set up. Raymond had to set his tripod and find the perfect angle that he’s looking for the shot. Ben and Susu had to stand in¬†to mark position before the couple got ready. Ben being the usual cheeky monkey held on to the iron and attempted to iron Susu’s arm. -_-”


ConceptPreWed_BehindScene_RaymondPhang-02 Angle all set to go, and here comes the unglam househusband in hair curler, carrying a basket of clothes to iron. It’s just another typical and super boring day for him.. another day of working on¬†mundane household chores.


ConceptPreWed_BehindScene_RaymondPhang-04 Saucy magazine is his favourite read to kill time while doing the ironing, so he brought along a yummy issue of FHM magazine to keep himself entertained while ironing the clothes. Sometimes the cordless iron can take a while to recharge and heat up.


ConceptPreWed_BehindScene_RaymondPhang-05 Hmm… okay,¬†so this issue¬†looks quite interesting…


That’s Raymond re-positioning the iron, and¬†that’s 2¬†“security guards”¬†with walkie talkie and mosquito repellent. The mozzies that day were all seriously very hungry and very angry. I had two cans with me stuck in my back pocket, ready to use and I¬†almost finished using up one can… 90% on myself. Heh heh heh heh~


ConceptPreWed_BehindScene_RaymondPhang-07 He continued reading and flipping and got soooo engrossed until¬†the ironing got neglected… the clothes caught fire. Of course in real life I supposed the cordless iron won’t heat up so much until it burn the clothes since there’s usually a built in thermostat or something. But let’s just say for this case the iron overheat and the material of the shirt couldn’t stand the heat temperature so it caught fire. By the way the iron was really on fire. This was just the beginning… the entire iron melted and I was worried that it might explode or something. -_-“. But thankfully it didn’t. We should have just kept the base plate of the iron for keepsake. Haha.


Then¬†the hero arrives in the nick of time¬†to save the day!! Again, that’s real fire, a real fire extinguisher (bought from home fix or DIY store).


And of course, a real reaction and priceless expression from the bride. That was our first shot, and nobody expected how the gas/chemical/pressure/smoke from the fire extinguisher will make their grand entry.


Subsequent shot wasn’t as good cos one of the fire extinguisher failed on us when we wanted to do a re-take to see if we can get a better shot. Imagine if someone really bought the fire extinguisher home, and something really caught fire, and the fire extinguisher cannot work. That’s really scary!

The area became quite smokey and with our stuffs/props/equipment etc stationed on the right, we had to fan the smoke away.

So without¬†any other spare¬†fire extinguisher, we tried using the super soaker water gun instead. The effect on photos didn’t turn out as good as the one from the fire extinguisher, but the water served its purpose anyway. So the bride spontaneously gave a thumbs up which was unexpected but we managed to catch it on camera. Hahahahahaha!


Here’s the final shot. The caption is just a random quote which doesn’t really relate to the photo since the fire fighter in this image is a woman herself… but we thought it’s kinda amusing so we decided to use it anyway.


In some rare cases, the¬†conceptualised pre-wedding is not just about the couple’s real life story, but it can also be their secret childhood dream, or even something that they’ve always wanted to do but probably no chance of doing so in real life. I noticed something rather¬†interesting, some of our brides wanted to be the hero who saves their husband from some form of disaster. Same for this case, and we’re glad that we¬†made¬†her dream come true. Muwahahahahaha!!


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