Come, surprise your darling with a pre-wedding photoshoot package by Raymond Phang Photography! Today’s choice destination is……. NEW ZEALAND!

Love the ultra blue sky, love the gigantic blankets of fluffy white clouds, love the super big bowl of water in the lakes and rivers and seas. Love the fresh air, truckloads of oxygen and sometimes smell of the poo poo from the farm (I’m not a sicko but it just means we’re close to nature). Love that we can just roll around the grass (must keep a lookout for poopoo first) and pick pretty looking rocks/pebbles/stones. Love that we get to wash face wherever there’s water. Love the cooling weather (not so much of the UV rays and heat from the sun though). But other than that, everything else is fantastic!


Here’s pictures of the boys saying hello from New Zealand!

Raymond Phang Photography New Zealand


Lil’ Ben and Lil’ Ray.


Raymond Phang Photography New Zealand

They were pretty tanned from the sun. No joke. The noon time is pretty hot (don’t be misleaded by Raymond’s dressing, he’s just pretending to look cold) but night time can be quite cold. This was in April where it’s the Autumn season in New Zealand.

Any couples wana travel and do a photoshoot with us in New Zealand? 😀

Also for those couples looking to get married, we have actual day photography packages from $1600, Photography + Videography packages from $3500. For couples interested in getting Raymond, we do have a limited time CNY promo till end Feb.


Email to contactme @ raymondphang.com now! 😀






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