So I’ve been experimenting dinner meals for the past X days. Boss asked how come for the past 8 years got no aura to cook now then have. Hahaha~ Beats me really. Perhaps cos eating out is too costly. Plus the MSG which isn’t really healthy? Food Panda, Deliveroo, Grab Food etc total adds up probably cost more than my grocery bill? Also sometimes when I order from Grab Food, they have trouble finding me a rider who will accept my order. So I’ll end up waiting in hunger. The hunger became anger when the notification came to order at a later timing cos no rider, so I decided to do something about it. Cook.

I’ve experimented Fish Soup, Fish Porridge (cos the Boss always eats that at Beach Road), Holy Thai Basil Pork, Linguine Alle Vongole, Creamy Mushroom Tortellini, Beef burgers with my anyhow-see-mood-sauce, the rest are the everyday dishes like homemade garlic bread and mushroom soup with truffle oil, bak kut teh, cous cous, stir fry french bean, Macaroni, ABC soup (potato carrot soup), fried sliced pork, fried rice etc etc for the kiddo.

Today’s menu supposed to be drunken prawn in herbal soup and tomorrow’s menu Dong Po Rou… But extra pork belly slices appeared this morning, so I’m gonna make some sticky gooey porky thingy. Hahahahaha! I don’t have all the ingredients needed, so it’s gonna be improvise and improvise. Wish me luck!

Thing about human is, we’ll change. We’ll evolve. There’s no constant. Circumstances, environments, people etc shapes us and affects our daily decisions. Like for example you can be someone who hates exercising. But after a major illness struck you, you decided once and for all to live the healthy lifestyle. Exercise daily, keep fit, and even step out of your comfort zone to join Triathlon. You know, that kind of thingamajig.

But for Raymond? Gosh… he can eat the same food everyday all day. It’s been Thai basil pork everyday since April, and each time it costs around $5 at least. So I thought that’s it, might as well cook it! And it’s really easy to cook! Just the chilli padi part that gives me the hacking cough for a bit. Maybe need to ask boss to sponsor oxygen tank and mask. T_T”

Last Friday I met with a couple and they commented Raymond is retro. I guess that’s an accurate description cos he’s down to earth like that. Creative yet old school. What a weird combi right! And even until today he still shares the same passion in Photography as he did when he first started out, even though tides have changed and sometimes it can get really disheartening. But he still enjoys the craft, just like how I enjoy music, how my dad still enjoys fishing even though he hasn’t fished for years already since the birth of Enen.

Oh well, my post is totally not related to this photo below at all but it’s a nice photo to remember the feelings. Do you still remember how you felt at that point of time when you had a photograph taken of yourself? Remember the words you exchanged? But one thing for sure, they brought back memories.

Oh NEA Officer came knocking on the door, have to go inspect the premise cos got dengue case. YIKES!!!

Not gonna be mozzie’s food,


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