Back in June 2010, these were what we photographed and how we color treated the photos. This was a short ROM lunch photoshoot at Keppel Club followed by a quick mini photoshoot session around the area.

What do you think? T_T”

Star Jump?

Our cheeseball photo treatment. Susu says she’s dying already dying dying. Hahahahaha~ Need to find some place to dig hole and bury our heads. But you see, that’s the beauty of classical photos. Regardless of time, place, generation, the classics will never die. But I’m sure Susu enjoyed the editing for this one. 😛

When we couldn’t care less for the technical aspects. Highlights blown? Nevermind. Losing details in the blacks? Nevermind also la. Feeling can already!

Like this kind of creative framing, feeling feeling can already.

Got pillar also can shoot. Anything around the area also can shoot. And the editing treatment omg. Susu ultimate win. Black and white, plus a pop of color from the florals. Hahahaha! Susu, please dig a deeper hole. Need to bury many heads. 😛

Like that also can. I know right.

Not as baaaad but lots of room for improvements! We are our own greatest critique, and for Raymond, he has a bigger critique than himself. So that’s how we whipped ourselves, pushed so hard and improved our craft.

These photos really brought back so much memories. *sniffs*

Loving this style of photography? Feel free to hit us up! I would love to know who you are. 😀

Feel like eating Truffle Chips,


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