The groom’s surname is Yeap and the bride’s name is Clara. So… Yup, yeap got clara! I thought that’s quite a witty hashtag for the couple’s wedding and in fact a lot of our couple’s wedding hashtags are quite cleverly thought of! So actually most of us are extremely creative people. Just that the mundane work and daily routine got us settled in our comfort zone and buried away the creative part of us. Maybe also because everyone else is having creative hashtags for their wedding, so couples are “influenced” and/or “pressurized” and/or feel “inspired” to create the same for their wedding. Sort of in a way forced them to squeeze their brain juice like the sugar cane juice machine. But good job!

The day started off at 3.45am for the wedding photography coverage. Weeeeeee morning I know right. Even Mr Golden Sun was still sleeping with his eye mask on.

Used to see this framed up name embroidery a lot during my time. Now not so… *Coughs*

The Serenity Prayer by American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr.  God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

Lost and found!

The dragon and phoenix candle aka 龙凤烛. According to the chinese custom, the candles signify the continuation of the “family line”. Not telephone line ah, is family line. Like you’ll have a continued line of descendants – children, grand children, great grand children, great great grand children, great great great grand children etc forever and ever. Some say cannot let the flame extinguish, have to let it burn off on its own, until like the wax all melted and got nothing left to burn.

Pei Hua’s 10 promises to Clara.The first line – I promise to love you forever and ever even if you grow fat or ugly. Second line don’t need to say, getting quite hilarious – I promise to do all the housework while you watch TV. Very the unrealistic so I don’t think all these promises are kept. Sign for fun only right! Ok lah, good ploy on the sisters’ part to grab the groom’s signature so that the bride can just copy and paste it to make purchases on the husband’s card/cheques. :p

Wow so nice, early morning cook noodle already. For who to eat ah?

Spot the… fan! Ok la, not the fan but the gown.

Hello Syndrome from The Incredibles! All the cutesy Disney miniature lego figurines!

A good breakfast gives a good start to the day! So the sisters were all busy prepping a solid breakfast for the groom and his groomsmen later on when they arrive.

Clara is almost done. Heaps of cuddly furries in her room. And i love the color contrast though. Like Clara’s room has that pinkish purple curtain and bedsheets, while the other room has green curtains and green bookshelf.

Yeah, need to add some pepper to season so that the food will taste better right.

All done and made up!

Wow, look at all the pretty canapes! You know actually I took on D&T for the first 1 or 2 years during my Secondary school days. Then I went on to take Home Economics/Food & Nutrition. I think I don’t really enjoy all of them. Hahahaha! My F&N was terrible, I was the lousiest student and always get scolding from the teacher. Nobody really wanted to partner with me during practical for the obvious reason. I remember during the O levels where we all had to solo cook, I dropped veggies on the floor cos I was literally standing a distance away from the stove throwing veggies into the frying pan. The invigilator was walking around and I went oh shit oh shit in my heart, quickly bend down to pick up and threw back into the frying pan. HAHAHAHAHA. I guess that’s how I got A in the end – extra ingredients = extra tasty. :p But ok la, I really enjoyed the theory part, especially on all the chemical reaction la, vitamins etc.

Oh Oh Oh!! For the first time in my 35 years of life, I washed and sliced bittergourd two days before when I was cooking Fish Soup!! Initially I just sliced it like the photo above, so that it appears like a C. Then I left it at that. The more I sliced, the more I felt something wasn’t right. Then I recall the bittergourd that I saw in the Fish Soup that Raymond always buy from the Golden Mile Food Centre didn’t have that white center (seed pods). So i quickly remove them. Hahahahaha~ Luckily the soup turned out delicious! I don’t eat the things I cook (I’m weird like that. Prolly except the burger I made), but review given was good so continue anyhow cook and made Fish Porridge yesterday. :p

Bright and cheery, ready for the games!

Yeap, here’s Yeap!

Start of the extortion.

Don’t see they shy shy, but actually quite good.

No choice la, have to pay and pay.

Actually they played a lot a lot a lot of games, but I need to remain neutral in my postings you know. Cannot give too much ideas to the sisters, and cannot scare the brothers away. If not they might just not turn up for gatecrashing. O_O”

Posting the series of kisses just cos I like Pei Hua’s expression! Hahaha~

Lips gonna touch already lips gonna touch already!!!




Uncle see already like no kick, kiss only mah. That’s Clara’s dad joining in the fun and snapping some shots at a corner. Thank you Uncle for being so considerate despite really wanting to join in the fun of shooting. You let us do our job with ease. <3

Next up – dance dance baby. Another chicken feet easy peasy lemony squeezy segment.

More extortion. Realised you didn’t see what happened to the scrumptious breakfast the sisters prepped right? Yeah, So i actually skipped quite abit you know.

Jumping straight to the sighting of Pei Hua after his victorious win battling through the gatecrash. Here’s the groom holding on to the 10 Promises…

“Girl, remember ah, last clause to the 10 promises must make Pei Hua promise you unlimited extension of promises ok.”

Ok mama. (:

Bet this bowl of sweet treat tastes 10000 times better than the “breakfast” during the gatecrash. :p

SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD~ Makes me forget all about the nasty kisses by the brothers.

Went on to the couple’s new place, changed into the qun kua and did a quick shoot around the area.

Lovely morning sun at the balcony.

The forehead touch forehead and nose touch nose pose.

Was waiting for Clara to push Pei Hua into the swimming pool but that didn’t happen. Darn! Muwahahaha~ Clara is too nice. <3

Posting this just cos it’s like desserts… pastries… I can wolf them down myself. Unleash the dessert monster!

“Give mummy a kiss!”

“Huh, haha, seriously? Haha, my face got makeup and SKIII later the saliva and lipstick give me pimple I’ll throw you down the pool ah Raymond.”


Pei Hua: “Oh Shit, so don’t kiss ah?? Clara did you kissed?”

Clara: “No la! 做戏做戏而已 ! “

Pei Hua perspiring profusely and thinking to himself… Jialat liao lor… I go and kiss, don’t know later need to kneel abacus or durian liao. First day only make me and my mother-in-law tension. GG….

Tea ceremony, one of the gifts to the couple – A pair of Rolex Oyster perpetual watch. Classic old is gold watch that never goes out of style.

Jewelries for the bride. Not easy to track and focus but… WE GOT IT!  -_______-“

This is a real and common sight on a wedding day. We don’t only show the beautiful things and I don’t think this is ugly too. This is real. Catching a quick 40 wink before heading off to the next location. The couple is not only the tired ones on the wedding day. Appreciation should go to these unsung heroes for their help and sacrifices too.

Off to a quick outdoor shoot!

The mandatory hold hands chit chat and walk shoot.

Don’t ask me why Pei Hua gets a series everytime while Clara only has one shot. Hahaha~ Cos his brothers are farnie too!

Check out the brother in spotlight at the extreme far left. PIIIIAAAAACK!!!

Ownself torture ownself, ownself high. Hahahahaha~ Somehow reminds me of one of our couple – Ah Loke! The vibe lah the vibe.

Pei Hua attempting a Jean Grey or Magneto pose from the Dark Phoenix. Ok la, kids friendly version with the smile on the face, and abit more deflated. :p Shall we request for a more “awake” version? Yes? Ok guys, kiss Pei Hua!


Off to The Fullerton Hotel Singapore for Part 2 of the Rendezvous.

Here’s The Ballroom! Not the Straits room, this one has bigger capacity to hold more tables.

The beautiful chandeliers are made up of over 386000 crystals! So please ah, be careful when you’re popping that champagne. :p Previously the ceiling light wasn’t like this, not chandelier but a big round ornamental light.

Some shots of the musicians!

The sound of the cello is really lowwwww.

OMG OMG! This wedding favour is super duper cute! The most memorable one for me many many many years back was their Molton Brown toiletries series. Now every guests can own this piece of Fullerton Hotel signature red post office “ang pow box” coin bank! When Susu and I first saw it we went crazy. Hahahahaha! Perfect to store her $1 coin she says!

Their modern tier cake.

Looks quite pretty la hor with the cascading floral decor?

All the floral decors… and spot those red cutesy post boxes on the table? Awwwww…

So hungry. I heard there’s a chocolate factory in Khao Yai and they make damn realistically looking objects out of chocolates such as heels. I wonder if this microphone is actually in fact a chocolate…. I’m gonna try to nomnom it. Open my mouth… Aaaaaaa….

Silly boy, the microphone cannot be eaten!

Groom and the bride. Notice the placement? Groom on left, Bride on the right. I wonder isit cos it’s a 男左女右 kind of thing, otherwise it’s usually Bride and Groom right? However I also noticed at some weddings they place the Bride on the left and Groom on the right too.

Alrighty onwards to the candid. In other words, the natural, honest and raw expressions which I so love!

Guests browsing through the pre-wedding album at the wedding reception.

More of the candid shots.

Another one of the ballroom.

I’m salivating. The money bag lookalike thingy brings back memories of my childhood days. My mum used to make that, and have it deep fried without the sauce though. Now she doesn’t make it anymore and don’t recall making it.  -________-” But money bag sounds like an auspicious food item to eat right? Therefore I might want to try making it. :p

Modern weddings are so different from the past. I cannot remember how we used to behave at weddings when mobile phones weren’t even in existence. In other words, I’m old already. Bwahahahaha~

May Pei Hwa treat Clara like a Disney princess for the rest of your lives. Awww…

Super long didn’t do silhouette shots already, so here’s one! Meanwhile let’s get ready for the couple’s first march in.

Sending in the flower girl first. Awww… The thing about Fullerton Ballroom is the stairs. I always find it heart stopping whenever I see our beautiful bride walking down, especially wearing the long wedding gown. Moreover they’re most likely wearing their high heels and that adds on to the challenge of not tripping while walking down the stairs.

But so far, all our brides aced the walk with ease. Fortunately they didn’t even have to look down, otherwise we’d have nothing but head shots i.e. shots of their heads only. Clara looking so beautiful and happy here.

On the other hand, this one is easy peasy. Walk up the stairs only mah, and not under the bright spotlight.

More shots of the candids… It’s like fishing, you camp quietly and wait. Plus our 10+ years of experience, we are extremely sensitive to the candid triggers. Like spider senses, little bit little bit of happenings and we’re ready to snap.

Nobody noticed us!

We are snipers.

Ok here come one of my favourite series. Hahahaha~ Excuse me Mr Man in Black, whatchu doing??

小弟你是不知道 ‘死’ 字是怎么写的吧?竟敢用你那只咸猪手来摸我这张 QQ 漂亮的小脸蛋!

本宫就来赏你一个 5 百元!

“They say hor, if someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. 来吧, 你尽情的打吧!”

Heh heh heh, that got her tickled! I still have my eyes on the red post box!!

More candidddds.

Uncle surely knows what table he’s seated at. Do you know 555 is like a short for Ha Ha Ha in Thai? Cos 5 in Thai is pronounced as “Ha”. So Ha Ha Ha = 5 5 5. Likewise some chinese gamers also use 555. 5 in Chinese is pronounced as Wu, so 555 sounds like wuwuwu = sobbing sound.

Eeyer, real or not… sounds like smoking me only…

Oh!! I didn’t know that! Hahahaha! Sounds very logical leh!! So next time if I’m happy I can slap him 555 times right?? Hahahaha!

My life… My poor poor life…

Candid shots are the prettiest. I feel.

Don’t you agree?

Yes I do.

I still do. Hahahaha~

So don’t have to worry about not having enough shots if your wedding is a simple low key celebration with only close friends or family and no special program. Cos as humans I’m sure they’ll chat and have interactions… All these shots are much more precious, right?

Champagne under the stars.

Yum seng~ Love the bokeh.

Kiddos get to pretend to be adult for a night.

I very much prefer this shot instead of the kissing ones. So feel~

Then comes the speeches. Whoever says crying is ugly needs to eat the cane. Like 藤条, not sugarcane. It’s ok to cry. Our parents (if you and I are from the same generation) taught us not to. They shamed crying. You cry? Nobody will want you. Nobody like you. Cannot cry. Cry somemore, I beat you. Cry somemore later I don’t give you this and that. The crying not only comes with shaming, but also lots of threatening. Did you realise?

With such a 封建思想, we were all raised to be tough. But that buried the expressive and emotional part of us. We don’t wear our love on our sleeves. We bury it inside. Some may even find it awkward to hold parents’ hands or give them hugs. All because of what they taught us when we were young. But why want to do it until like that? Why want to control? 爱要何时说出口?

Erm… *coughs*.

Ok, don’t so serious, back to the hearty images. Felt like you were sitting in a roller coaster or not? The ups and downs of the wedding day…

You know the couple actually incorporated games as part of the program for the day?

Since everyone owns a mobile phone nowadays, let’s play a game using the mobile phone!

First, you register. The game is live you know! Quite a good idea to ra-ra all the guests.

Kahoot! 55 players only out of the many hundreds?? Seriously…

I see your nick! Hiak hiak hiak~

Love her expression! It’s like Heh heh heh, I’m so gonna sabo you~

It’s so easy to join in the fun, even kids know how!

Wah, so tough this one. Instead of asking Pei Hua, they shoot the question to their guests.

And we have a winner!

After the games, couple went on with the table shots plus mingling.

Sometimes in between transition from tables to tables, the couple will do a quick hug quick chat quick handshake with friends/relatives from that table. We’ll also take shots of them all and not just stand there waiting for everyone to be in position to take the table shots. We take everything that happens in between too. No seconds of idling for us!

Omg i love her dress! So QT!

Bear Hug!!

Heartfelt hugs

Awww hugs

Your shampoo smells so nice hug

Shake hands until hand numb President face.

Shake hands until hand numb already but still happy to shake hands face.

More handshakes

And handshakes. We cover the wedding all the way till the end.

Sweetheart hugs

Because usually at the end of the wedding when 99% of the guests have all left, the 1% special group of people will always be right there waiting for you.

Just to partake in this make the groom drink chapalang concoction ceremony.

Groom has to finish it, no questions ask, no chao geng, no pang chance. Have to drink until not a single drop left. Good job Pei Hua!

Clara be like… jialat liao, later have to clean up after Pei Hua’s vomit. Whatever happened to the 10 promises where he’ll do all the dirty job.

Hahaha! Clara baby, Pei Hua do all the dirty job? You wish!

Wa piang Auntie you see la, don’t so early 猜穿我 leh… Now kena questioned already…

Chill chill chill, the 10 promises to Clara is legit. I WILL do the dirty job, Clara will not have to lift a single finger.

Ok world peace now. World War 3 prevented.

The Queen is having a moment, boy you better don’t start. Later she give you 500 again. But actually they’re prolly too shagged to move and they’re stoning already. Reality of a wedding day you know.

I’m also going to go stone for 3 minutes now. 100 over photos, took me a few days to complete this entry. Cos in between a lot of ad hoc tasks to do, juggling between work and family. Not easyyyyyyyyy.. But yay, managed to share one of my favs!

Hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

Still hungry after swallowing 5KG of mixed veggie rice,