Hi guys!! We were away in Brisbane last June, and 2 days after Raymond got back, he flew off again to Maldives for another shoot! Lucky fella will only be back on 11 July! Unfortunately he doesn’t have any access to the internet, so I have to reply all the emails one by one, earliest one dated from 17 June which is the day we flew overseas. Finally managed to clear them, and please let me know if you sent us an email but yet to receive any reply from us ya? Thanks!! 🙂


The Brisbane trip was super tiring, and on the second day, I myself was so tired until I felt that I couldn’t carry on for the rest of the journey. We had to race against time, driving long distances from one town to another. Missed out on a lot of activities, and almost 75% of the time was spent driving. =_=”


Raymond ain’t having any better time in Maldives too! He’s slogging like a machine there. Have to shoot until early morning, sleep barely few hours, and after the shoot when everyone has gone to sleep, he have to stay up to edit the pictures to give the client the next day. Poor thing. Nevermind, next time when he decides to bring me to Maldives for a personal trip, I won’t make him slog like a machine! Now isn’t that a reason good enough to plan for a trip for us to Maldives? Hehehehe! 😛


Anyway, some pictures to share from Chye Tuan and Siang Yin’s actual day wedding shoot! Chye Tuan has got to be one of the most meticulous guy we have ever met. Both of them are physiotherapist (and the first physiotherapist we know), so whenever Raymond and I have anykind of “here pain there pain” problem, these guys are the first to pop up in our mind! Not forgetting the delicious Sinful Kahlua Chocolate Fattening Cake Siang Yin made when they invited us over to their place for dinner the other time!


Chye Tuan was the Jamie Oliver for the day, preparing the delicious meal + messing up the kitchen, while Siang Yin was the dessert queen taking care of the desserts and washing up! The glutton Raymond even took a second serving of the cake, asking for more of the chocolate sauce, while I had scoops of ice cream! Hehehe. The moscato wine was the sweetest we ever tasted, and I do have a thing for butter rice! Come to think of it, as long as it’s anything unhealthy, fattening and sinful, they are our favourite food!! What are V.E.G.E.T.A.B.L.E.S maaaaan… 😛


Enjoy the Pictures! 😀

actual day wedding preparation


bride make up


bride make up putting on lashes


the helpers

Early in the morrrrniiiing! I forgot the timing. I think it was around 4 or 5??


pretty hand bouquet of deep red roses

Roses are red and Violets are blue. Why?


sisters with the tan lines


very funny detail Raymond spotted

This one is funny! I was amused when I first saw it. Turned out it was one of the sister’s personal notes. 😛


the expensive piece of rock



bride make up


helpers putting on wrist corsages

All the sisters were so corpoerative, they stick to the theme color of the day and wore blue!


bride hairdo


pretty bride


getting ready


bride putting on veil with parents


groom's arrival

Here comes the groom! They arrived early, but waited until it rained?


the sisters!


Hmm? What are the two fluffy balls used for?



NOW WE KNOW! Muwahahahahaha! Chye Tuan had to dressed up like a typical Chinese groom of the dynasty days! So coooool! Must applaude the sisters for coming up with such a cute idea, and for taking time to make all these props! They’re really well made! 🙂






Now Chye Tuan has to serenade a love song for Siang Yin. Awww so sweet!




Now they are stuck with this image forever cos Chye Tuan actually forgot to remove the props before entering the door. Heh heh heh.


See the polka dots on Chye Tuan’s suit?? His beloved gang of brothers stuck the “xi3” stickers there!




This is a picture of the couple’s room! Very, very nicely done up! The wall looked like some textured wallpaper, when in fact, it is just plain paint! It’s the ball of light hanging on the ceiling giving off such effect when it’s lited. So cool! Then Chye Tuan demo-ed to us how to make a person giddy. He poke the light ball, and the whole room looked as if it’s spinning, and indeed I got a little giddy looking at it. Hahaha!


That’s actually their toilet door. Even toilet door can be so pretty!








One of the nicest kua I have seen!





Hmm… which cup of tea should I drink…”


Badly molested. MUWAHAHAHA!










Raymond love the woody grainy texture of the floor.









Time for the I Dos!




The JP handed them little heart shaped cards with wedding vows written in chinese to read out loud! Apparently that came as a surprise, and luckily both of them could read Chinese! Phew!






The couple was so nice to give roses to the mums and grandmums for Mother’s Day. Hmm… I wonder what is “the thing” to give if a wedding falls on Father’s Day. Interesting food for thought! 🙂






This was a surprise too. =__=”.










Princesses! 😛


After the banquet, the brothers took the opportunity to tekan the groom. They made him drink RAW EGG! EEEEEEEW! So gross and smelly! 🙁


And then, a lot of alcohols!



Plus a little tease~



And that’s the end of my sharing session! Very delighted to see more couples tying the knot and embark on a new journey of life together! Jia you to all the couples, and stay happy ya! Cheers! 😀


Lots of ♥,


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