Five Wedding Shoot Ideas

After the guests have gone home, the bubbles have popped, and the vows have been exchanged, wedding photos are often the most important way that couples remember their special day.  Most wedding photographers have a checklist of commonly requested photo poses to help cut down on missed photo opportunities, but are also happy to accommodate special requests.  Consider suggesting one of these wedding photo shoot ideas to help get the most from your wedding photography:


Long Exposure

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A very fun and easy photo idea is to use light with a long exposure frame.  For example, having an assistant wave a sparkler around the kissing couple during a long frame will result in a swirl of light around the couple in the photo.  This would be particularly cute for a woodland-themed, evening wedding.  Sparklers also create wonderful photos when given to guests for the bride and groom exit during an evening wedding.



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Including props can easily make for unique photos.  Using the veil or a parasol to cover the bride and groom for a secret kiss creates a great photo opportunity.  Making a sign, such as a large “&” character to hold between the bride and groom, or a sign that says, “I do” adds an unexpected touch of whimsy to wedding photos.  Blank photo frames can be held by members of the wedding party, with the subjects far enough in the background to appear “within” the frame.  You are only limited to your imagination here, but planning ahead is also necessary.


Get the Group Involved

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Some of the most fun, unique shots can be done with all of the members of the wedding party.  Take a freeze-frame of all of the party members jumping in the air, playing tug-of-war, pretending to sleep, or dancing around the bride and groom.


Family Matters

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A great way to get a touching family photo is to have all of the married women in the family show off their wedding rings in a circle, then join hands or link fingers.  This is a fantastic idea for a daughter, mother, and grandmother to show the history of love in the family.


Trash the Dress

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Many couples are opting to hire a photographer after the wedding for a “trash the dress” shoot.  The idea behind a “trash the dress” shoot is to do an activity that would ruin the wedding dress, and then have the activity photographed.  Grooms who own their tux can also join in on the fun.  Popular choices for this type of shoot include going surfing, playing paintball, and rolling in mud.  The majority of these shoots are taken in the water, which often produces lovely, romantic images.  This is also a great option for couples who are unhappy with their wedding photos and would like another chance to be photographed.


When thinking about wedding photo shoot ideas, be creative, and be sure to discuss your ideas with your photographer so they understand what your expectations are.  Taking some time to plan must-have photos, as well as some special, unique shots, will help your get the most from your wedding photography package.’s wedding dresses have been featured on Style Me Pretty and Wedding Chicks. Started in 2011 and based in Los Angeles, California, SimplyBridal now has over 400 wedding dresses, 250 bridesmaid dresses, and a host of bridal accessories.