I think I’ve caught some weird virus. Been having sudden dry cough attacks, and it can get quite bad. After the coughing stops, I’ll find myself trying to clear tiny bits of phlegm in my throat which I can never get them out. Yucks!! I hate it! 🙁


We’ve been burying our heads with photos, and the day before we were too hungry in the middle of the night. So we sneaked out to Geylang for supper. Our mind was filled with Bak Kut Teh, and we know of this one stall which opens 24 hours! It’s actually the one opposite the famous “Yong He” you tiao. Dough fritters they call it? But that fateful night, we reached the place and the stall was closed! So sad… We had to drive around to look for alternatives.


After eating, we sent the car to the car wash since the birds dropped us a lot of colorful bombs. Whites, greens, and even splats of browns. *Shakes head* While waiting for them to wash the car, I took out my dummy camera and snapped a few pictures.

I don’t know what is this but if this image is on a printed soft copy, I’d feel like shaking it or crushing it. No idea why… =\


I think it’ll be cool if videographers hang this board when they go for wedding shoot. Makes not much sense, but it’s cool! 😛


I didn’t know what to fill the empty space with, so I added the redundant wordings. My brain is so dead now I cannot think of a suitable term. I just find it interesting that both the lady and the guy was looking towards the same direction. Hmmm…


I like this one alot! It’s actually bubble foams on the car window, and the guy’s hands supporting while cleaning the tyres. I thought it was super cool to be able to make out a lot of images from this picture. The most obvious one would be the 2 big eyes and an open mouth. Just nice there’s even a tongue inside cos it’s not fully black in color! 😀


Food for thought…. ….  I know what you’re thinking!!! O_O”!

*Digs out detergent and wash all the dirty brains*

I didn’t crop this to the 3:2 ratio, so it’s a little wider than those above.


Alright, gotta go… 2.37am now, super long day later on, and we must wake up in few hours time. Night night! 🙂



Lots of ♥,


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