Aloha eh-ver-ree-bar-deeeee!!

Typing this entry using the iPad Air 2 with the Logitech built-in keyboard casing. Why the mention? Cos it’s so convenient! It’s like a mini laptop where you can do some work on the go. Teeheehee.

Time now is about 5.21AM, and we are still working on the edits for Kenneth & Berlinda’s conceptualised pre-wedding. Yes, 5.21AM.

Raymond is preparing some images for an upcoming photo competition, and he’s getting more critical of his own images because we have started to print our own works with the Canon professional A3 size printer (Canon Pixma Pro-1). The image feels really different when it’s printed out and when you hold it in your hands. Plus, somehow the printed photograph shows a loooooot of details and flaws which is not as easy to spot when it’s just a digital file viewed on the computer screen.

Also with experience gained from entering prints for competition to judging for photography competitions, we learn what are the things to look out for. So we become even much more critical of our own work = takes longer time to complete our editing work = more stress cos of the dateline = eat more = becomes fatter = UNDERhappy. O_O”!

So recently we have took to cycling to battle with our jiggly fats. Raymond has gotten himself a Dahon foldable bicycle, I myself have a Bickerton foldable bicycle, whereas Susu has her own pro bicycle. My virgin cycle on the Bickerton took me from ECP to Bedok. All the buckets of sweat expended went down the drain when our destination was the hawker centre. OMG. Our table was filled with food- Nasi Lemak, Chendol, Satay, Chicken Wings and what not.

The next day, my knee hurts so badly like an old lady. The pain lasted for days, and it was so bad that I got woken up from my sleep from the pain. Sigh…. you can’t fight aging just like how you can’t fight the moonlight. Everytime I cycle I will think of Jason and Shan whom I always refer to as the Glucosamine couple. Cos they gifted us with a huge bottle of Glucosamine pills when they visited us earlier this year. Hahahahaha!! Very thoughtful indeed to think of our knees cos we have to run around especially during shoots. 😀

Honestly I’m trying to recall what happened in Year 2014. Assisted Raymond for a couple of actual day wedding shoots, Raymond travelled a lot this year and met a lot of people, had a lot of fun shooting some conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoots, hosted a few photographer friends from overseas to stay over at our place, went on road trip with newfound friends, first time meeting with the good & talented peeps at XDStudios, catch up with our past couples, shot birthdays/maternity/newborn for our past couples, first time fasting for Lent, became IT support for quite a few friends, settled some issues with the bank and paypal for Fraud cases, received nasty threat SMS-es which are actually pranks but made police report anyway, our good friend got married, attended a number of workshops, went Australia and did a lot of activities, went to Beijing and scaled the Great Wall of China, gave talks in Singapore and overseas, went on Channel News Asia for interview, won alot of international wedding photography competition, electricity overhaul at the office, hospitalised and underwent surgery, sprained ankle badly, traffic accidents here and there, learnt diving etc!!

Sounds like a really fulfilling and busy year! Of course we try very hard to squeeze time for ourselves (which often fail miserably) despite the busy schedule. The last movie we watched was PK. It’s a Hindi comedy which I personally like it very much and would recommend you guys to watch it if you have the time. I myself won’t mind watching it for a second time! We always look forward to trying new things, experiencing new things, and Hindi movies always give us news perspective. Their filming style, story line and lighting etc never fail to impress us. At least it’s something different from the typical blockbusters with all the effects that we are so used to. Never restrict yourself to anything, but always try new stuffs! Inspiration comes from everywhere if you are willing to expose yourself to something different every now and then.

So what are the hopes and wishes or new year resolution we have for Year 2015. I gave up with the whole resolution thingy to be honest. It’s hard to keep up with plans since we are the spontaneous bunch of people, living each day as it comes and be grateful for what we have. I guess for Year 2015, we hope to meet more fun, crazy, nice, like-minded couples and create even more epic and amazing images! Hopefully we get to photograph something different that we have never photographed before – photograph in new places which we have yet to explore, better improve ourselves, share in photography seminars/workshops, and constantly remind ourselves never to give up when the going gets tough, or even when nobody else appreciates what we are doing. Mind over body!!

Alrighty! Time now is 5.46AM and we are eating some microwave heated pizzas. I cant think of what to type next cos my brain is all about food and sleep now. LOL!! Till the next update, feel free to stalk us at our Facebook – or our Instagram at



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