*stretches arms and legs and fingers and fingernails*

ALOHA!! Haven’t been blogging since forever again! Life has been… tragically busy since the arrival of the mini boss. The mini boss demands a lot of attention, and speaks in an alien language which I think I need to go attend courses for because sometimes I don’t understand what she wants. The mini boss makes the most out of life, so she doesn’t like to sleep *OMG*. Like literally doesn’t like to sleep. She fights the zzzz monster and can stay awake for hours. She likes to cry like mad when she’s cranky. She screams and can cry continuously non stop from 11pm to 4am. Whoever is in the Cry-it-Out camp obviously haven’t met my mini boss. I’ll kick you if you ask me to let my mini boss cry it out again. I’ll probably get tortured to death by her gasping for air crying before anything else. I call it the inconsolable dinosaur cry. She’ll become stiff and whole body turn dark red to near purple. It’s that bad. She cried so bad that her tears soaked her clothes and she’s almost voiceless. Sigh… What have we (Raymond and I) gotten ourselves into? -____-”

So I couldn’t stand it that night when mini boss scored satu and zombie mum scored kosong. I sent a text message to my parents to complain about the mini boss’ ridiculous behavior… My dad replied and said now then I know it’s not easy being a parent and I have to be tolerant towards the baby because she cannot express herself, crying is all she knows. Sigh……… Whoever said fishing is a good training for patience is so wrongggggg… try babies! 😀 Not your friend’s or your cousin’s or your sibling’s, but your own baby! Wah, satisfaction guaranteed I tell you. Confirm after training you’ll attain beast mode zen level and gain enlightenment. The kind where you’ll grow an invisible halo above your head and a mega protective ball of shield surrounding your entire being. No amount of cries and screams can hit you.

Sigh… On good days the mini boss smiles a lot. She likes to play and absolutely hates staying still. She must be carried around so that she can take in all the sights and sounds. So much to see, until she decided she must fight the sleep monster. Aiyo… Like right now while I’m typing this, my big boss is carrying the mini boss and bouncing her on the yoga ball hoping she’d fall asleep. Something that the lactation consultant taught us.

Since this post is about the mini boss and parents… I’ll share two of my favourite shots taken in Gold Coast! Featuring my own father and mother!


Family in Gold Coast

Family Photoshoot Gold Coast

Not easy being parents indeed, and I must have been the most difficult to handle when young too. I had to be seated in a pail and carried to the toilet when my mum wants to shower. I would let no one else carry, not even my dad. Muwahahahaha! When my mum had to cook, she will use rambutans and lay them on the floor in a circle and put me in the middle. She said I was scared of rambutans and I would just quietly sit inside that circle and watch my mum cook. I hope Raymond and I won’t have to do things like that and the mini boss will guai guai behave herself when we have things to do. But sometimes both of us get so carried away with work that we will neglect her. Like totally neglect her. Leave her to sit in her chair and dump her some teether/toys to play with. Or let her lay under the cot mobile for that minutes of peace while we chiong our work. Last resort, put her in the manduca or baby k’tan carrier so that she’d sleep and we will work while babywearing her.

I don’t know what makes a good parent, and we’d probably never be the best, but i guess we are all still learning and we’ll get better by the day.

Jia you to all parents and parents-to-be. Welcome to the Panda and Zombie club! 😀


Almost insane,


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