Didn’t expect we’ll be back so quick with another update riiiiiight. Muwahahahaha! It’s like when it’s quiet here at our blog, it can be really quiet. I was actually missing all our couples, so my pip pop pip pop ask my brain to open up the Weddings folder. And so I did, and I spent a lot of time browsing through the photos. Photos work like a miracle pill to bring back fond memories of things that have happened in the past.. Sometimes even memories which you might have already forgotten long ago, but everytime you look at the photo, it never fails to bring a smile to your face. 🙂

So here’s something to share from Iwan and Bernice’s actual day wedding. I’m not gonna tell when was this shot because it’s so embarrasing. Ok lah, it’s gonna be a year soon when September 11 comes. Enjoyyyyy! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB01
When you visit a person’s house, you can tell quite a bit by the things you see in the house. From the lines of badminton trophies on the shelves you can roughly guess that the person could be a kickass badminton player. Truckloads of pinkish soft toys and you’ll roughly guess pink is her favourite color. Sometimes it’s the things that matters to you that made you want to display it at somewhere prominent. Things that makes you or your family proud. They say the family must be closely knitted and very loving when you see photographs of them displayed everywhere. So when someone invites you to his/her house, be extremely honored because they trust you and love you enough to invite you to his/her personal private space. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB02

Make up artist Keith working his magic.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB03

That’s my cousin-in-law Magdaline on the left image laughing so happily! I didn’t know that Bernice is her friend until a few days before the wedding. Kekeke. Small world!! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB04

So much attention on the bride!! I will be so conscious of my behaviour and of their presence if it’s like this on my wedding day. Maybe I’ll stare into the camera lenses… and make funny faces! 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB05

The gatecrashing games started even before the entourage entered the lift. Everything had to start from bottom first.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB06

Told you Raymond has got foot/feet fetish. Hahaha! But I cannot disagree that the leggy photo on the left makes an interesting picture. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB07

Again I skipped all the gross gross games in case any future groom-to-be or future brother-to-be gets scareded. Moreover I have been warned to not feed any future bride-to-be or sister-to-be with any evil ideas. Okay okay, fine, I shall share the sweet sweet and happy ones then. -_-“. Serenade the bride with a love song or love poem is ok right? How about serenading the bride with a song, but for every sentence sing it in a different language? So first sentence sing in english, second sentence in french, third sentence in japanese, fourth sentence in thai etc… you get the drift! 😀



Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB08

Berniceeeeeee! Her name has a “nice” word in it, and she is really nice!! I think she look especially pretty when she smile. 🙂



Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB09

Love this image! There’s another one that Raymond took with a horizontal cropping which shows more headroom and with Bernice’s head intact. But I personally love this one better because this was the first burst of emotion, so… emotions over technical composition for me anytime man! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB10

Spot the bride and groom!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB11

Berniceeeee~ 😀


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB12

The couple got a Maserati for their wedding car too!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB13
And they spotted Batman in the sky eating fried chicken wing at Shenton Way area!!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB14

When they finally realised that it wasn’t Batman that they saw, no amount of face palm could save them from their embarrassment. So they did this instead… PLANKING!! Wooohoooo!!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB15

The entourage created quite a stir not only on the Hardwarezone’s Eat Drink Man Woman forum, but also caught the interest of the traffic police. -___-” Definitely memorable for all. Muwahahahaha! See, told you no two wedding is the same! 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB16

Off the St Regis Singapore for the tea ceremony and banquet.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB17

Love the moment. 🙂



Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB18
This two pairs of legs belongs to one pair of lovebirds who will be (are still) walking the journey of life and endless adventure together. 🙂



Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB19

Ring shots! Which one do you prefer? The Cartier on the strawberry? Or the one illuminated on the right?


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB20
St Regis ballroom! For people who like the ballroom but have an estimated wedding guests of more than 450 or 500 tables gotta source for other alternative.
Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB21


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB22
Centrepiece and wedding favour.


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB23

Hello mei mei!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB24
Their first march in! Well done well done, Iwan did a good job by helping Bernice pinched a little bit of her dress so that she won’t trip or fall. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB25
Live band entertainment by Yours Truly. Not me, but Yours Truly. -_-“. They’re now known as Sparkle Live Music with powerhouse talent such as Tay Kewei, Tay Kexin, Lee Ein Ein, Alfred and a whole lot of others! Drop by their webbie and check them out ya? 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB26

More pictures of the unsung heroes + heroines. Pun not intended. 😛


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB27

Speechy speech time! Everyone loves a good speech, but if it’s too long, some of the guests might start to get a little bored. This is especially so if some of the guests invited are people whom you don’t really know, or people who don’t really care about your life. So it’s either you try to keep it short but to the point, inject with a little bit of humour (if you don’t want guests to smudge their mascara all over the faces), or write a super teary one and make all the pretty guests turn not so pretty when their mascara smudge. Muwahahahahaha!


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB28
I guess most of the girlies are good friends of the couple. That’s why they’re all laughing instead of crying here. All look pretty! *nods*


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB29

And then it’s not everyday that you get the chance to make your wifey or hubby tear…


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB30

Or proclaim your love to her in public..


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB31

I’m sure this is a moment she will never forget. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB32

OoOoOohh! Kissy kissy!! There’s another image without the emcee in the background, but again, I prefer this one more because it’s the first burst of emotion and I feel more for this than the other. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB33

So what’s a wedding without laughter and mingles?


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB34
And candid expressions?


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB35

This is one I especially love love love. Muwahahahahaha!! Two different images, I don’t know how this came about, what’s going through their mind at this time when the image was captured. But it just feels right. 🙂


Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB36
When it comes to drinking and party, try to include beverage like orange juice or milo okie? Not all guests are above the legal age to drink you know… where’s the fun if they can’t yum too? 😛



Raymond Phang Actual Day - IB37

The two dads sharing a handshake. This one speaks volume. I like. 🙂


That’s about all for now, till the next update, take care! 🙂


Lots of Love,