Snippets from our trip to Brisbane June/July. I think we have not even finished the blogging for Melbourne trip last year. Haha! Next to come would be the Sydney trip already. Phew! Enjoy!

I wore my pretty pink Timberland shoes, but when I returned to Singapore, it became camel brown cos I rode on the motorbike in the wild during the farm stay, and the sand from all over the ground flew up and grew roots on my shoes.


Welcome to Brisbane! I brought the bag Clarice got for me, and I’ve been using it as my travelling bag ever since! Cos it has so many compartments, I could easily sort them accordingly and grab anything I want without messing and fumbling or digging through the whole bag! 🙂


Our very first mission during all overseas self drive trip is to attack the supermarket such as Coles or Woolworths. Stock up on the mineral water, and some snacks/cup noodle. No karen, I didn’t attack the Vitamins! Haha! Though I went to Sporty’s Warehouse for great bargains!! Bought a lot of supplements at a crazy price, never before found in Singapore! 🙂


This is Raymond’s brother in law – Sunny Chua. He’s also someone who enjoys taking pictures, and currently he’s using a Fujifilm camera.


Raymond’s mother and sister. Our self drive trip was pretty much unplanned! The only planned thing about the trip is the car rental. Haha! We had to drive around to Tourist Information Centre to grab brochures and drive around to look for accommodation. It’ll be much cheaper if you get an apartment instead of a hotel. One good thing about the apartment is they have self contained kitchenette and laundry. You can cook, wash and iron clothes, bake cakes etc! Another advantage of the apartment is, since there’s washing machine and dryer, you can dump just 2 pairs of jeans and 2 tops into your luggage and fly there, but come back with a suitcase full of other stuffs! Muwahahahaha!


We went for river fishing, and both his brother in law and I managed to catch fishes.


Look at mine!


It was my first time fishing, and when I first caught one, I was too anxious! So I reeled back the line at top speed, and the line broke! The fish then swam away happily, half in pain and half sniggering, thinking I’m stupid. =_=”. Second time I got better, and here is my fish! But due to regulation, we have to set it free cos it’s too small to keep. 🙂


Showing Raymond the smug face cos he haven’t managed to catch any.


For those who didn’t manage to catch anything, they self snap. LOL!


Raymond’s dad.


Then Sunny caught something huuuge!


End up it was a sting ray! But we have to cut off the string and let it go after a good battle of struggling cos it’s dangerous to let the stingray come on board the little boat. There were kids on board.


Our fishing rods and flying prawns. Haha!


After a day of fishing, we decided to hide one corner and scare people. Sunny Chua = first victim. Hilarious expression, I like!


I like this picture.


Suck in your cheeks! That’s what you must do to look thin. Haha.



Botak and I.




Me at Myella Farm Stay wearing SOOO many layers of clothes cos it was toooo cold!!


Raymond and I tried horse riding during our farm stay, and a lot of other activities! Besides learning to ride the motorbike, there’s also time for us to milk the cow too! Okie, I have this phobia of height, but at least I was gungho enough to try horse riding! I was assigned to a horse (supposed to be the most gentle and tamed one), and his name is Speckles. Beautiful horse, and everything was nice until I brought it out for a walk. Halfway through the walk, Speckles decided to throw tantrum and stopped moving. I sweet talked it, pat on his head, tried to whisper other gibberish language which I hoped Speckles would at least understand one, but nothing worked.

Then when I was about to give up, Speckles finally moved! I stepped on the stool and sat on his back, WOAH! I WAS SITTED SOOOO HIGH UP! Although Speckles is not a very tall or huge horse, I find that I couldn’t take the height at all! SO SCARED I WANTED TO CRY! Before I could do anything else, Speckles decided to freak me out and walked off on its own to DRINK WATER! He lowered his head to take a sip, and I thought I was gonna slide into the big pool of water and die (I can’t swim too!!). Quickly I screamed my lungs out for the attendant to come let me down.

Throw my face, but at least I managed to survive, and at least now I can tell people I rode a horse before. Muwahahahahaha!



Celebrating Singapore’s Father’s day together with Peter and his wife, who are the owner of Myella Farm. Very decent and honest folks, friendly and generous! They always have a lot of stories to share with us during our meal times! Oh, they actually cooked every meal for us! 🙂

And that’s my favourite Mud Cake from Coles supermarket! Supposed to be mine and mine alone, but oh well, sometimes we just have to make that bit of sacrifice for the happiness of everyone. 🙂


Out on a yacht to deep sea fishing!!


I wasn’t in the best of mood that day cos I actually lost someone in the family the night before.


Not only feeling down and upset, I experienced sea sickness too! The effect started kicking in only when we arrived at the spot to fish. The current was pretty strong, and sometimes it looked like a big wave was gonna come crash in on us! Then I started having stupid thoughts again… Anyway, Raymond caught one big mackerel!


His dad caught one fish too!


I caught none, but managed to see wild dolphins swimming freely without any worries of stupid “fisherman” trying to corner them by hitting sticks and bamboos or whatever things and then catch them kill them for the meat!! URGH!! Has anyone watched THE COVE??

So upset with what’s happening! Go watch it, it’ll make your jaw drop. 🙁




Then we went to Tin Can Bay to feed wild dolphins! If you want to see wild untamed carefree dolphins, go to Tin Can Bay! You can feed them with fresh fish! Just donate $2 to the save dolphin foundation and they’ll give you a bucket containing a fish to feed. But you have to prepare extra set of clothings cos you’ll need to go down to the very cold waters to feed them. We totally didn’t expect that, so I was in my jeans, and Raymond in his sexy shorts.



Bird managed to dive in and catch a fish. So easy.


The puppy from Africa… so poor thing chained out in the wilderness so that it can learn how to be brave and fight off wolves/hyenas who keep murdering the farmer’s sheeps.







Went to feed big birdies, and I fed so much until I almost flung my dummy camera into the waters!


Did some yabbies pumping too.


Catch a crab!


And had dinner at Cav’s steakhouse. The steaks are yummilicious good!! In fact we actually drove there from Sydney just for the steak durig our Sydney trip! Hahaha! My favourite piece has to be the Eye of the Medallion. Juicy like mad, and beats any Ribeye/Tbone/Tenderloin etc etc. Too bad both times we went there, the Wagyu wasn’t available. =_=”




Went to Pacific Fairway? I forgot which place is this already. The only day we have to shop.




Went to Chinatown to look for nougats. Strange that we couldn’t find nougats anywhere else!



Went to SeaWorld for the sake of taking pictures during the last day. Haha! The theme park was already closed by time we reached there. Which explains why we wanted to drive up to Brisbane when we were in Sydney… just to enter the theme park. HAHA!

Okies, end of sharing! Make it a very brief one this time rather than the many parts of Melbourne trip like last time. More random pictures at Facebook! Hmm… We don’t really have a company Facebook account, but more of our own personal account. Feel free to add us at:



Oh we do have a Facebook Page though, but it’s pretty empty at the moment cos we just started playing around with it. Click to view: Raymond Phang Photography Facebook Page

Hehehe. Enjoy the weekend! Byebye! 🙂


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