Few months back, Raymond and a group of talented #photographers came up with this idea of sharing their #photography skills and knowledge at #shiokcamp in #singapore. The name shiok camp cos it’s literally a #camp (course investment came with #food & #hotel stay!) and it’s so #shiok cos you get to do #intensive learning from the different masters each specializing in different skills and genre.

Raymond’s specialty would be the fun and #crazy#concept #prewedding #photoshoot and for the shiok camp, he was doing the #nightshoot segment at the #wildwildwet water theme park. And guess what… He wanted to do a shoot with #mermaid! Must be cos he wanted to take this as an excuse to work with pweeeeetty girls. Of course I gave him the go ahead, and I made sure I vet through the selections for the model/talent. ?

Finally we found the best person, who is none other than Gim Goh!! You can see this familiar face in Nippon paint ads, health promotion board ads, tanglin, flyscoot ads etc! Gim is a damn talented and professional #actor and definitely a #funperson to be around with. He had all the shiok camp participants laughing and rolling on the floor with his #funny antics before the #photoshoot when Raymond was sharing on the thought processes. Gim and his #Grammy worthy expressions during the session made the shoot a quick and painless one.


Image featuring the talented actor Gim Goh in the gorgeous and beautiful little mermaid get up. So hot he’s on fire.


Here’s the shot of Gim the #beautiful mermaid in his beautiful Kim Kim mermaid tail topped with #Pikachu bikini, eating #Korean super spicy hot noodle. The noodle was sooooo spicy until #firecame out of his mouth. That’s real fire, shot in one frame. In case you’re wondering how did the fire came about, we have Raymond and Susu to thank for. Raymond did his research and finally found a cheap and safe method to create the fire. We then practiced a few times and determined it stable enough for the photoshoot. On the actual photoshoot itself, Susu did a good job with the blowing, the poor zippo lighter was badly abused, but what came out was a pretty neat shot. 

This wasn’t as elaborately done as our conceptualised pre-wedding photoshoot, but just to demo to the participants what we can achieve within a short period of time. (:

For those who are keen to have a mermaid costume made for yourself, this one was done by #Bellydance Star (www.bellydancestar.com), conveniently located at Jalan Sultan Textile Center. The guys there are so awesome, they had this express made for us for the photoshoot.

Alrighty, if you’re keen in attending future workshops/seminars, let us know ya?

Cheers! 😀


Lots of fats,

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