Makeup Tips For Wedding Day Photography Singapore Brides

Wedding Day Photography Singapore Bridal Makeup Tips

Let’s be honest, weddings are all about the bride. It’s true that it is the celebration of love of the bride and groom and the start of their new life together as husband and wife, but when it all comes down to it, the real star of the show is the bride. Think of it as fairytales. We don’t have such stories as Prince Charming and the Seven Dwarfs. As the bride, you understandably want to make everything perfect on your big day. And as you would also like to ensure everything looks just as perfect in photos, you can follow these Wedding Day Photography Singapore tips.

You must understand that there are things that look good in real life but may look short of a disaster in photos. Your makeup is a good example of this. As the star of the wedding, you naturally want to look beautiful and radiant. You may want to have a trial makeup run first days before stepping into the limelight lest your newly painted face may cast an eerie glow on camera. You may think that since you are employing a top makeup artist and using high-end brands, you would not fall victim to the ghostly bride makeup curse.

That’s where you’re wrong. Some of the rich and famous learned this lesson the hard way. Take for example Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria, and Ashley Judd. These Hollywood beauties once attended separate red carpet events with weird white powder lines on their faces. They looked fine in person, but somehow their makeup did not come out as planned in paparazzi photos. They undoubtedly hired good makeup artists and used the best brands in tinsel town, but their makeup was no match against the harsh lights of the cameras.

So let it be a lesson to brides like you whose wedding photos would last a lifetime. Have a trial makeup and pictorial session days or weeks before the wedding. That way you would know if your makeup will translate beautifully in pictures even under the camera lights.

Perfect Wedding Day Photography Singapore Makeup Look

Aside from letting the makeup artist know what makeup style you prefer, you should also tell your photographer since he would shoot a lot of solo pictures of you. For a perfect Wedding Day Photography Singapore makeup look, remember not to overemphasize. Choose only one feature on your face to highlight or risk looking like a puffed up ragdoll.

Here’s another example: Angelina Jolie. Her sultry lips are recognizable anywhere even when bare, but when she goes glam for an event, she downplays her pretty pout with nude or natural lip color. She does, however, go full smokey effect on her eyes. Just imagine if she emphasizes both features. Not as glamorous, right? So for a lovely and elegant bridal look, choose between eyes and lips to accentuate.

Also, as you would have lots of close-up shots, every unwanted facial hair may stand out on photos. If you are the type who normally gets rid of excess facial hair, don’t forget to trim, wax, depilate or shave on your wedding day. That is unless, of course, you want to become a radiant bride with bushy mustache.