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Actually we have quite a lot of photos to share, but because we have been really busy (seems like we are constantly busy), we can only upload them to our Instagram in a totally random fashion. Some photographs are captured by Raymond, some are captured by Sulin aka Susu. Most of them from actual day weddings or ROM celebrations. So… feel free to follow us over at Instagram for our daily updates. Yes, daily. Phew! Very comforting to know that at least we managed to keep to our promise to update on Instagram daily. 🙂

Facebook still remains a mix of pre-wedding (conceptualised/bridal) and sets of actual day weddings. Do like our Page and drop a note to say hello! 🙂

As for our blog, it’s kind of a poor thing. Always gets neglected after awhile. Feels like the blog is a mistress hidden at home and we only visit when we have the time or have a need. HAHAHAHAHA! Ooops! But actually blogging takes much more time and effort. Resize the photos (since this template only allows a maximum width of 920 px), watermark the photos, touch up the photos if necessary, rename and do the taggings, upload to the server, copy and paste the html codes, and then finally think of what to write about before writing. -____-”

Sometimes we have a lot of things to say, like for example I saw a recent wedding shot by Raymond where I felt the MUA didn’t really put in effort to take care of the bride. I was fuming mad inside and almost wanted to sign up for a hair and makeup course to become a MUA so that no such nonsense will ever happen to any bride again.

I (think) I haven’t even blogged about my first experience assisting Raymond for a full day actual day wedding shoot. Also how awesome it was assisting Raymond for another recent actual day wedding shoot for Joshua and Sandora etc. But all those can only come when the photos are ready. Hehehe.

Then sometimes, there’s the writer’s block. It’s as bad as constipation where no matter how hard I squeeze, at most I can only type out one pathetic and meaningless sentence.

On other times, I have a lot a lot a lot a lot of random thoughts. Which are really totally unrelated to Photography or Wedding.

But for today…. I guess I’ll share some behind the scene photo of Tse Yu and E’Shan’s bridal pre-wedding photoshoot at Ritz Carlton Hotel;




Ta-Dah! That’s me the sai gang warrior cum terminator cum michael jackson all rolled into one standing in position so that Raymond can take a test shot before he decides whether this angle is a go or no go.






Raymond decided that he likes the angle, so he removed the sun deck chairs by the pool and also the brolly which was quite a distraction. Then he tried a landscape cropping to see which of the two he prefers. He also adjusted the lighting to achieve his desired effect in camera.




So while Raymond was busy fiddling with his camera settings and all, I was standing on the water and having trouble hearing what he wanted me to do. The water was raining down from quite a height, creating some form of barrier between us. Thankfully I was at least sheltered except for the pitter patter splashed onto my legs, whereas for Raymond, he was standing out in the rain without any shelter. Raymond has a habit of shaving his hair short before shoots, so that day he didn’t even have any hair to shield his head from the rain. Muwahahahaha!




So here’s the final outcome of the photo – a lickalicious portrait of Tse Yu in his military uniform looking all sleek and smart. 🙂


Hmm.. Ok I’m done with my sharing. How to say goodbye ah? Erm… Ok, take care now, bubbye then! :p





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